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E-Money License

Doing business is accompanied by financial transactions with conversion into electronic currencies. For offshore business, software is proposed for conducting transactions for companies organized in the Czech Republic, Beliz, Mauritius and in other countries. There are opportunities for the use of electronic currency outside the payment system, as well as its conversion and subsequent withdrawal into currency units. It is also available to connect your own quasi-currency for servicing accounts of third parties. An analogue of electronic currencies may be, for example, PayPal, WebMoney, etc.

The need to buy a license of the payment system appears in the case of the intention to create your own electronic bank to conduct financial transactions with counterparties. Sub-accounts are created for clients, the identification of counterparties is carried out through the introduction of limits for operations. Certain requirements for transactions are established depending on the jurisdiction and level of customer identification.

The binding of the license is carried out to the bank cards of the partners serviced in the system. It is possible to create your own card system based on a payment system with the issuance of Visa and MasterCard products. Only the banking license has more features.

The cost of obtaining a license consists of the following factors:

  • country of business;
  • size of authorized capital;
  • National tax;
  • deadlines for registration;
  • number of founders, etc.

The price of a license for a payment system, for example, the UAE is 20,000 euros, Belize - 30,000 euros, the Czech Republic - 50,000 euros.

To design your own payment system of an organization, you must meet the minimum requirements. To organize activities in the EU, the authorized capital must be at least 2,800 euros. Large companies must have an annual turnover of at least 3 million euros. It is also necessary to comply with the conditions of high reputation - the absence of charges of financial transactions, arrears of taxes and fees, etc.

Having a license for electronic payments represents a wide range of opportunities for doing business within the EU and other countries without any restrictions on the jurisdiction of customers. When organizing a company in the jurisdiction of the European Union, the observance of the basic financial act “Regulation of electronic money” of 2011 and regulation of the EU 1781/2006 is required.

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