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Register offshore company in Australia


Australia is the smallest continent. Jurisdiction has large territory, with approximately 22 million people living in the country. The official currency is the Australian dollar. English is the official language in the country. Australia is attractive in terms of investment, provides favorable conditions for non-residents to open companies.

Company opening in Australia

Registering a company in the country allows to create an account with a bank in Australia. Under the laws of the jurisdiction, it is possible to register a legal entity to work with the cryptographic currency. It is possible to work with different types of currency - USD, EUR, AUD.

You can open a joint stock company with limited or unlimited liability, private or public company. If there is a nominee director, the account can be opened remotely without personal presence. It is possible to appoint a nominee director for 1 year.

Tax and reporting peculiarities when opening a company in Australia:

  • it is possible not to pay VAT;
  • income tax rate is 30% for companies;
  • no capital gains tax;
  • no currency control;
  • no reporting requirements;
  • no open access to reporting;
  • no mandatory audit;
  • no requirements and there is no open access to the Annual Return;
  • no reporting requirements.

For registration of a company at least one shareholder is required, it can be an individual or a legal entity. The minimum number of directors is one, they can only be a natural person.

Taxation .
VAT - No
Basic rate of profit for legal entities - 30.00%
Capital Gains Tax - No.
Currency Control - No.

Shareholders and Directors
Minimum number of Stockholders - one
The minimum number of Directors is one.

Reporting requirement - No
Open access to reporting - No
Mandatory audit - No.

€ 7500
Australia PRO
  • Registration within 24 hours
  • Registered Address
  • Apostilled set of documents
  • Bank account in local bank
  • Local Director
  • Stamp
  • Delivery

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