A ready-made company with an open account in Serbia


Service: Ready-made companies in Serbia with nominee service and bank account. It is possible to acquire a company with and without VAT.

Deadlines: within 24 hours from the moment of payment, we transfer documents to the company and access to the account. We also provide assistance in registering a new company in Serbia.

Карта Serbia

Many businessmen choose Serbia to open their own business, since this country has a stable economy, the population is loyal to the citizens of Russia, as well as to persons of other states that were part of the USSR. In addition, the country welcomes investments, in connection with this many FEZs were created.

An important advantage for Russian businessmen when opening a company in Serbia is the signing by the state of an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation. You can buy a ready-made company in the country, or open your own.

Types of legal forms

The most common organizational and legal forms of enterprises in the country that are most often chosen by non-residents are:

partnerships, open joint stock companies, and closed limited liability companies.

About taxation

  • The lowest tax rate on profits for legal entities is 14%, with the source tax - 20%.
  • Income taxes nat. persons have a size of 14%.

Serbian company registration online

  • The first stage at the opening of the company - the choice of name. In total, it is recommended to choose from 3 to 5 options, since it is necessary to eliminate duplication of names.
  • After this is determined by the value of the share capital.
  • The composition of the founders must be determined. After that the constituent agreement is certified, the legal address of the company, the type of activity is determined. Registration may require the personal presence of the founders.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The country has a favorable geographical location;
  • Qualified personnel in the labor market;
  • The country has branches of leading international banks;
  • The country has entered into a double tax avoidance agreement with many countries;
  • You can arrange a residence permit through the registration of the company.

Among the shortcomings it is possible to single out the need to collect documents about the company; when opening an account for a legal entity, additional papers may also be required.

Open an account

An account for a short time can both residents and non-residents of the country. On average, the process takes about 2 weeks. You will need to collect and provide information about the company, certificates, power of attorney for the account holder, other documents at the discretion of the bank.

The advantages are that Serbia is a promising country, which shows stable economic growth. The country was not included in the list of countries that are included in the OECD convention on the automatic exchange of tax information.


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