Obtaining SEMI license


Financial company in the Czech Republic with a SEMI (Small Electronic Money Institution) license

Карта SEMI

SEMI (Small Electronic Money Institution) is a special regulatory regime introduced in the European Union as part of the implementation of the Second Payments Directive (PSD2). This mode is intended for small companies that issue and service electronic money in limited quantities. SEMI offers simplified licensing requirements and procedures compared to the standard Electronic Money Institute license.

The Czech Republic, as a member of the European Union, has implemented a special regulatory regime for small electronic money institutions, known as SEMI. This regime provides simplified licensing requirements and procedures for companies issuing electronic money in limited quantities. Obtaining a SEMI license in the Czech Republic gives financial companies access to the electronic money market under a simplified regulatory regime.

Advantages of the offer:

- The company was registered in October 2017;

- The license was obtained in December 2017;

- The company has three open current accounts (Unicredit, FIO Bank CZ, Mistertango LT);

- Developed legal documentation (AML, KYC, etc. in 3 languages (Russian, Czech and English);

- The company has not operated and is completely new.

The license applies to:
Accepting and sending payments from/to clients;

Processing of electronic money and transfer of funds on behalf of third parties;

Issuance of debit cards;

Creation of a merchant solution;

Issue of your own electronic currency;

Limitations: The Small License (SEMI) has a processing limit of no more than 3,000,000 EUR per month or 36,000,000 EUR per year.

Procedure for acquiring a company:

  • After signing the contract, advance payment is 70%;
  • Definition of structure and name;
  • Preparation of necessary documents for submission to the Central Bank;
  • Registration in the Central Bank register;
  • Payment 30%.

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