Registration of
offshore companies
Сryptocurrency in Lithuania

Obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Lithuania

Buying a cryptocurrency company in Lithuania has many advantages. The buyer does not need to register a business from scratch, collect documents, and obtain a license. You can start working immediately after the deal. One should also take into account that Lithuania is not an offshore jurisdiction; companies registered here are reliable and there are no problems with access to the EU market.

Among the pluses of the jurisdiction - stable political and economic situation, clear regulation of the cryptocurrency market. The country is open to foreign investors, boasts minimal bureaucratic procedures, low levels of corruption. There is no currency control, income tax - 15%, in some cases - 5%.

A ready-made company with a cryptocurrency license in Lithuania

The activities extend to:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange - services for exchanging fiat for cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency for fiat, and cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency;
  • Creation of virtual wallets for storing customers' virtual currencies.

Timeframe for re-licensing a licensed company: about 2-3 weeks.

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