Obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Lithuania

Сryptocurrency in Lithuania

Карта Сryptocurrency in Lithuania

VASP (Virtual Asset Service Providers) - a license to provide services related to virtual assets. Lithuania was one of the first in the EU to introduce a comprehensive regulatory framework for cryptocurrency companies. The Anti-Money Laundering Act (AML) and the Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) Act create clear rules for the registration, licensing and operation of crypto companies. This provides legal certainty and protection for businesses and investors.

Lithuania offers a simplified licensing process for cryptocurrency companies. Companies can apply for a VASP license to the Lithuanian Financial Market Supervisory Service (FMS) and receive approval within 3 months. The licensing requirements and process are transparent and efficient compared to other jurisdictions.

Definition of VASP in Lithuanian legislation

According to Lithuanian law, VASPs are defined as companies that provide one or more of the following services related to virtual assets:

- Exchange of virtual assets for fiat currencies and vice versa.

- Exchange of virtual assets for other virtual assets.

- Transfer of virtual assets.

- Storage and management of virtual assets or tools that allow control of virtual assets.

- Participation in and provision of financial services related to the issuer's offering and/or sale of virtual assets.

Activities cover:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange - services for exchanging fiat for cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency for fiat, and cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency.
  • Creation of virtual wallets for storing clients’ virtual currencies.

Advantages of jurisdiction:

Stable political and economic situation,

Clear regulation of the cryptocurrency market,

The country is open to foreign investors,

Income tax – 15%, in some cases – 5%.

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