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A ready-made company with a public account in Australia

Service: Tax-free company in Australia + bank account

Australia has a reputation as an economically and politically developed country with high living standards and GDP growth. Australian jurisdiction is considered one of the most loyal to non-residents. At the legislative level, disclosure of company owners is prohibited.

For you we offer remote company registration in Australia + opening a bank account with a local bank. Please see below for more information on the offer.

Australia is currently an attractive jurisdiction for business development and is also relevant for investment. The country is a kind of offshore. Buying a firm in the country gives the owner the opportunity to develop their business safely, to benefit from the business.

The Australian banking system is considered one of the most reliable in the region. In total, there are four financial institutions that hold leading positions - ANZ, NAB, WestPac, Commonwealth Bank. You can open an account relatively quickly, but some institutions require personal presence when registering an account.

The advantages of doing business in a jurisdiction:

  • It is possible to choose different options for businesses.
  • Economic stability.
  • Developed infrastructure.
  • Transparency of laws.
  • Low crime rate in the country.
  • Reliable banks, which have numerous branches.
  • When doing business, non-residents are required to pay tax only on profits made within the country.


  • National Australian Bank (NAB) - is the largest bank in Australia. Throughout Australia, the NAB has more than 1500 representative offices.
  • St Georges Bank - commercial bank of Australia, more than 27 years in the market, offers a wide range of services.

What is included in the price?

  • company incorporation in Australia;
  • a local director who is required to register and open an account;
  • payment of duties and fees;
  • opening a bank account.

Deadlines - 2-3 weeks

Opening of the company in Australia will allow to start international activities successfully. It is relatively easy to establish a business in the country, there is a high chance of its successful development. Taking into account a sphere of activity and a direction of work it is possible to pick up the most optimum organizational-legal form for firm.

Please specify the cost and availability of other companies in the sale of our specialists.

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