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When working with cryptocurrency it is important to choose the right country, where it is most profitable to open a company. Each country has a different attitude towards this type of currency. A country that has a loyal or positive attitude towards cryptocurrency can be called a crypto-offshore.

Advantages of a cryptocurrency company:

  • Confidentiality of operations;
  • Opportunity to invest;
  • Optimization of taxation.

When choosing an offshore, where it is most profitable to work with the cryptocurrency, it is important to consider some nuances of instruments regulation. We can distinguish countries that equate work with such currencies with ordinary activities, which do not or do consider the cryptocurrency to be an object of taxation and issuing official licences for work.
Doing cryptocurrency business is beneficial in such countries as the UK, Switzerland, Estonia, Cyprus, Denmark, and Finland. Countries that are outside Europe and are popular for opening a cryptocurrency business are Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia.

You can choose the most suitable country after consulting with our experts. We will help you select the most appropriate offshore country for your business purposes, advise you on registration requirements, and help you collect and check the necessary documentation.

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