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Czech Republic

A ready-made company with an open account in the Czech Republic

Service: Ready-made companies in the Czech Republic with a nominal service and a bank account. It is possible to acquire a company with and without VAT.

Deadlines: within 24 hours from the moment of payment, we transfer documents to the company and access to the account.

We also assist in the registration of new companies in the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic is located in Central Europe. The capital of the country, Prague, is the largest city of this republic and a tourist attraction. The state became a member of the EU 1.05.2004. In this country, created the best conditions for doing business.

The advantage of registering a company in this jurisdiction is the openness of the economy. By registering a company in the country, an entrepreneur gets the opportunity to move to the Czech Republic.

Types of legal forms

The most common form of business organization is LLC, however, it is possible to establish enterprises of other forms, for example, OAO, partnership, cooperative, branch of a foreign company or joint venture.

The minimum amount of capital for a limited liability company is about 3.3 thousand euros and is fully paid at the time of registration. One person can own and operate a company.

All companies in the Czech Republic are established by notarization of contracts, subsequently registered in the Trade Register. All business is subject to license.

Company registration in the Czech Republic online

Registration includes a series of events. First, a decision is made on the direction of the company, then the name of the company is selected, the list of founders is determined. Subsequently, a director is appointed, a package of documents is being prepared.

They include information about the absence of a criminal record, personal identification data, information about the field of activity of the company, etc. On average, the registration process takes about 10 business days. Based on the type of activity, additional documents may be required.

About taxation

The minimum tax rate on profit jur. persons is 19%, in addition, there is a value added tax, capital gains. Tax is levied at the source - dividends - 15%, personal income tax is 15%.

Advantages and disadvantages of registering a company in the Czech Republic

There are advantages and disadvantages of opening a company in a given country. Main advantages:

  • Jurisdiction is respectable, reliable, has a stable economy;
  • You can buy a ready-made company;
  • Ability to obtain a residence permit by registering a company;
  • The possibility of entering the world market;
  • Relatively low tax rates.

This jurisdiction creates a favorable climate for doing business, including for non-residents. The country's legislation is constantly being improved, the country is one of the most attractive in the European Union for company registration.

Cons registration - the need to collect a large package of documents, the data on each of the founders are checked individually. To collect all the information and submit it in a short time, we recommend contacting IT - OFFSHORE.

Open an account

It is not difficult to open an account for non-residents in this country - many financial institutions offer a wide range of services that is available to non-residents. The list of documents for opening an account is standard, it does not differ from the list of securities required in any banks of the European Union.

The banking system is stable, you can open an account both in national and in international currency. Most institutions have Russian-speaking staff; in addition, many organizations provide the ability to remotely manage funds.

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