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Cryptocurrency license in Poland

Obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Poland allows to legally work with digital currency both in the country itself and outside of it. In the first case you need to take MIP (small payment institution), in the second - KIP (national payment institution).

What activities are covered by the cryptocurrency license

  • Exchange between digital currencies;
  • Exchanging cryptocurrency for real money and vice versa;
  • Intermediating between the aforementioned transactions;
  • Create and offer virtual wallets for storage.

Requirements to Applicant

  • To be registered as a legal entity;
  • To have a clean criminal record;
  • Not involved in fraudulent transactions or scams;
  • Provide evidence that the directors and managers of the company have knowledge and experience in working with cryptocurrency. To do this, you need to undergo special training, confirm the experience with the appropriate documents;
  • Develop a business plan, which will also include a list of expected services;
  • Make a financial plan for the next 3 years;
  • Develop mechanisms to prevent fraud, theft, terrorism financing, other suspicious transactions with cryptocurrency, which are carried out with the participation of the applicant.

What is included in the list of services

To apply for a cryptocurrency license in Poland, contact IT-OFFSHORE experts. We provide turnkey services, helping at any stage of the cryptocurrency permit process. The list of services includes:

  • Turnkey company registration, including payment of state services related to its registration;
  • Preparation of tax returns, register of beneficiaries;
  • Search and rent of legal office;
  • Registration of tax identification number PESEL for non-residents of Poland;
  • Collection of papers required for entering the company into the cryptocurrency registry, payment of related public services;
  • Checking whether the company meets AML requirements;
  • Registration of the company in the registry of virtual services. The procedure takes up to 2 weeks after submitting all the paperwork.

Who issues the permit

A license for cryptocurrency activities in Poland is issued by the Polish Financial Inspectorate.


Corporate tax - 9% for sales up to € 2 million per year, if more - 19%.

Value Added Tax (VAT) - 23% (standard rate).

Filing of reports

Polish company has to keep accounting, submit reports and declarations according to the schedule:

  • VAT and advance payments to the tax office - once a month or once a quarter;
  • CIT (income tax) - once a year;
  • Annual financial report - once a year.

What happens if you do not have a license

If a company will operate in Poland without a crypto license, the financial inspectorate will find a violation, report to law enforcement, making a note in the List of Public Warnings. From there, the information will reach the banks, which could lead to the termination of the agreement with the cryptocompany.

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