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It is currently popular to obtain a residence permit abroad. People with a residence permit in another country, can get some privileges in business development, travel without a visa. This status gives the opportunity to obtain a second citizenship in the future.

We offer residence permits in Estonia, UAE, Singapore, Australia, Greece and Portugal. In these jurisdictions it is profitable to develop business, the states are characterized by political and economic stability. With a residence permit, the scope of legal opportunities for a person in a particular jurisdiction increases.

Quality medical services are available in most European countries; states are leaders in the rating of jurisdictions by living standards. A residence permit allows you to get some benefits in doing business, there is an opportunity to open an account in well-known and secure banks and access to other banking services of leading financial institutions.

A residence permit allows you to simplify the procedure for obtaining a permanent residence permit in the country, to become a citizen of the country. Despite the relevance of long-term visas, residence permit has more advantages - there is the possibility of a long stay without leaving, access to the services of banks located abroad.

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