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Legal support for ICO

Comprehensive legal support for ICO is an integral part of any successful project. IT Offshore specializes in working with complex projects of companies, engaged in the field of information technology, advising on tax planning and financial regulation.

The company's specialists are result-oriented and have a great experience in the legal and tax support for high technology companies, international law, finance and investments fields.


Legal support for ICO can be divided into several stages:

Cryptocurrencies regulation analysis in relation to the platform activities

At this stage, our experts will make preparatory actions:

  • Preliminary token utility assessment.
  • Possible jurisdictions list identification.
  • Harmonization of criteria for assessing jurisdictions with the Customer.
  • Definition of regulatory and tax restrictions for the Customer’s structure.

Achieved result:

Drivers and restrictions for the project implementation are defined.

Project token’s optimal legal construction development

The following steps will be taken during the work:

  • Project’s utility token preliminary construction development.
  • Regulatory analysis in terms of applicable jurisdictions.
  • If necessary, structure adjustment in order to maximize token utilitarian effect in the specified jurisdictions.
  • Answers development to legal questions in chat rooms during the project marketing.

Also, a map of regulatory features will be developed for further development of the project, including:

  • jurisdictions list which allows the project marketing.
  • Restrictions by the participants nationalities on tokens sale and their compliance order.
  • Requirements for KYC.
  • Requirements from the legislation on countering money-laundering.
  • Other restrictions.

Achieved result:

An optimal utility token construction and a detailed regulatory restrictions map are developed. 

The project corporate and tax structure development:

Our experts will choose the jurisdiction for the tokens sale. The description of the structure of possession offered to the Customer for consideration will include:

  • CFC rules analysis applied to the platform owners.
  • Information disclosure analysis about beneficiaries from the point of view of the Common Reporting Standard.
  • Recommendations on the ownership structure.
  • Project ownership appropriate option development.
  • bank or payment institution selection for opening a current account, depending on the jurisdiction approved by the Customer.

Achieved result:

Detailed structure for the project ownership and management is being developed while considering the tax consequences.

Legal documents preparation for token sale and project maintenance during the token period:

  • WhitePaper project’s legal part development in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.
  • legal documents development for the project tokens buyers, which includes:
  • General Conditions for the tokens sale.
  • Privacy Policy.
  • Agreement on SAFT tokens sale.

Achieved result:

Whitepaper’s legal part development and coordination together with the Customer. Other legal documents development and coordination together with the customer. Token sale in accordance with legal norms.

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