A ready-made company with an open account in the UK

United Kingdom

Service: Ready-made companies in the UK with nominee service and bank account. It is possible to acquire a company with and without VAT.

Deadlines: within 24 hours from the moment of payment, we transfer documents to the company and access to the account. We also assist in the registration of new companies in the UK.

Карта United Kingdom

The UK is a country with a rich and interesting history, a developed economy. In large cities, various types of industries are concentrated - oil refining, construction, textile, etc. There are major port cities in the country.

The UK is active in foreign policy. One of the main advantages of doing business in the country is a stable economy, active development of the credit market, the ability to protect investments and property rights.

Types of legal forms

The most common business partnerships are LP and LLP. Registration of these types of companies allows you to use all the advantages of the classic offshore. That is, you can get an exemption from the filing of financial statements every year and payments of corporate tax, provided that the activities and profits are not organized in the territory of jurisdiction.

Company registration

Company registration in the UK is possible if all the conditions are met and the company meets certain parameters. In this jurisdiction, you can register a company or arrange a finished one. The first option takes more time, while you can use the necessary name. The second option has the following plus - you can use the company almost immediately.

This is followed by verification of the name - it must be unique. Then documents for registration are collected - an application, a memorandum of association, a charter, information about directors and shareholders. After registration, the relevant documents are prepared, which are certified and legalized.

Advantages and disadvantages of company registration

Registering a company in the UK has pros and cons. The benefits include the following points:

  • Jurisdiction is respectable;
  • Relatively low tax collection rates;
  • Ability to regulate relations between partners.
  • Despite this, there are disadvantages of doing business in the UK.

The main nuances:

  • It is required to submit financial statements;
  • Requires a legal address in the UK;
  • The register of directors and shareholders is open.
  • In general, jurisdiction is attractive for opening a company. It has a developed infrastructure and favorable conditions for doing business.

About taxation

When opening, you should take into account the presence of VAT tax, as well as income tax for legal. persons, the minimum rate is 23%. The basic rate is 26% for companies whose profit is more than 1,500,000 pounds. For small companies with a profit of 300 to 1500 pounds sterling - a rate of 23%. You can learn about the features of registration of a company by contacting IT-OFFSHORE specialists.


Open an account

To open an account on jur. a person at a bank in the UK will need to provide a significant package of documents - confirmation of the registration of the company, its status, the memorandum of association, a description of the company’s activities. Some banks may additionally request data such as statements of income and other papers on the employment of the company, personal information about the founders, employees.

Add the right parameters for your company:

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