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How to get a business visa in Australia

Australia is a country with a multicultural culture and a dynamic economy that has been attracting attention for several years. It draws the interest of a large number of people dreaming of relocating to this continent-country.

The Australian economy is considered one of the most stable globally, making it an attractive destination for businesses. The country actively invests in innovation and technological developments, creating favorable conditions for startups and companies aiming to implement innovative ideas. Business immigration to Australia is designed to attract talented and proactive entrepreneurs. Successful business owners and innovators are always welcome to enjoy comfortable living conditions and business development.

We offer the opportunity to obtain a Permanent Residency (PR) and Australian Passport based on business operations.

Advantages of the business visa in Australia:

  • Permanent Residency (PR) after 3 years of residing in the country, with the option to obtain citizenship after an additional 1 year.
  • Quick processing times – actual relocation within 3-4 months through a work visa.
  • All adult family members have the right to work and education.
  • Business visas allow unlimited entries and exits to/from Australia, with the ability to reside in the jurisdiction of the primary applicant with family members, including children under 18.

Before starting the visa application process, determine the type of business you plan to establish in Australia, whether it's a startup, innovative project, or an existing business. Your business plan should include information about goals, strategies, financial forecasts, and development plans. This is a key document that will help convince immigration authorities of the seriousness of your enterprise.

The cost of immigrating a family of four starts from 60,000 EUR (as of 2022).

If you are interested in an individual relocation, the cost will be recalculated.

The country offers not only economic benefits but also a unique lifestyle. The decision to obtain Permanent Residency in Australia can be the key to a successful future. IT-OFFSHORE specialists guarantee full support at every stage of the relocation process. Have questions? Contact us for a free consultation!

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