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A ready-made company with bank account in Netherlands

Service: Ready-made company with an open bank account in Netherlands

The Netherlands is a state in Western Europe. It is profitable to buy a ready-made company in the Netherlands, as this country is a member of the UN, NATO, the Council of Europe and the EU, as well as the OECD. The labor market is characterized by a large number of highly skilled labor. The country has developed infrastructure, the inflation rate is low.

The most important industries are machinery and electronics, shipbuilding, metallurgy, furniture, textiles. The country has highly developed economy. There are headquarters of famous European multinational companies.

The main types of legal forms

Before you buy a ready-made company in the Netherlands with an open bank account, it is advisable to get acquainted with the main types of legal forms. The most common forms are closed firm with limited liability (BV), as well as partnership with limited liability (CV), open company with limited liability.

In addition, it is possible to register a foundation, an association, a branch of a foreign organization and a partnership, whose liability is not limited. To register a business in the Netherlands, contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE.

Peculiarities of company registration

You can buy a ready-made company with an open account or start registering a business from scratch. To open a company in the jurisdiction a Memorandum of Association is required. It is necessary to have a notarial act of incorporation and documents with data on the beneficiary.

It is important to choose a unique name for the company, which cannot mislead as to the scope of the enterprise. To register a company in the Netherlands in 2021 requires at least one director and shareholder. They can have both physical and legal status, there are no restrictions on residency. It is necessary to have a real address in the Netherlands.

Registering a company from scratch can be quite time-consuming, and the alternative solution is to buy a ready-made company. It gives the opportunity to start a business at once. After the purchase of the company, it is possible to become its legitimate owner.

Tax rates

The country's tax system is beneficial for international investors. Corporate taxation in the country varies depending on the profits of enterprises.

Any company that has been registered in the country gets resident status and is liable for corporate taxes. The corporate tax rate is 16.5% up to €200,000 of taxable annual income. If these amounts are higher, a percentage of 25% is taken. Some income options are exempt from corporate tax. These include dividends and capital gains, profits from foreign entities.

Pros and cons of opening a company

The Netherlands is a prestigious jurisdiction that has a well-established political system and a progressive economy. The country has a favorable location and allows to enter the market of the European Union.

Tax law is considered loyal. Doing business in the country gives the possibility of registration of residence permits. It is possible to trade within the European Union without customs barriers.

How to open an account

To open a bank account in a Nederland bank for a legal entity you need to collect a number of documents. A copy of your passport certified by a notary, with translation, must be prepared. Information about utility payments, information about commercial partners is required.

Need to spell out the planned amount of investment to start the company, the projected monthly and annual turnover of the company, the type of business. It is mandatory to specify the number of employees that are planned to be formed.

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