Obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Czech Republic

Сryptocurrency in Czech Republic

Карта Сryptocurrency in Czech Republic

VASP (Virtual Asset Service Providers) - a license to provide services related to virtual assets. In the Czech Republic, as in other EU member states, VASPs are regulated in accordance with the 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5). According to AMLD5, VASPs in the Czech Republic must register with the Trade Register and the relevant supervisory authority. In the Czech Republic, such a body is the Financial Analytical Service (FAÚ) under the Ministry of Finance.

Purchasing a ready-made cryptocurrency company in the Czech Republic is an ideal option for companies that want to enter the EU market. An entrepreneur who has purchased a business with a license can open representative offices in any state of the European Union. Cryptocurrency is in demand in the Czech Republic, which opens up great prospects for business: there are many cryptocurrency exchanges here, and there are even crypto ATMs being produced. The only thing is that digital currency is considered not so much as a monetary unit, but as a commodity.

Taxation of cryptocurrency companies in the Czech Republic

Profits from transactions with cryptocurrencies are subject to corporate income tax at a rate of 19%.

Cryptocurrency companies must keep records of their income and expenses related to cryptocurrency transactions and file tax returns in accordance with Czech law.

In addition, cryptocurrency companies may be required to pay VAT (DPH) of 21% when selling goods or services for cryptocurrencies in the Czech Republic.

Activities cover:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange - services for exchanging fiat for cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency for fiat, and cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency.
  • Creation of virtual wallets for storing clients’ virtual currencies.

Advantages of a crypto company:

Growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies by the public and business.

Availability of qualified IT specialists and blockchain technology developers.

Advantageous geographical location in the center of Europe and access to the European market.

Relatively low costs of doing business compared to other EU countries.

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