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Сryptocurrency in Czech Republic

Obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Czech Republic

Buying a ready-made cryptocurrency company in the Czech Republic is an ideal option for companies that want to enter the EU market. An entrepreneur who bought a business with a license can open representative offices in any state of the European Union. All that is required of him/her is to inform the regulator.

It is also worth noting that cryptocurrency in the Czech Republic is in demand, which opens up great prospects for business. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges, there are and even produce crypto machines. The only thing is that digital currency is not so much seen as a monetary unit, but as a commodity. Nevertheless, this does not prevent it from paying for services/goods if the parties agree.

A ready-made company with a cryptocurrency license in the Czech Republic

Activities cover:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange - services for exchanging fiat for cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency for fiat, and cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency;
  • Creation of virtual wallets for storing customers' virtual currencies.

Timeframe for re-registering a licensed company: 2-3 weeks.

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