Registration of
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Isle Of Man

Obtaining a cryptocurrency license on the Isle Of Man

Features of Cryptocurrency license registration

An application for a license is filed electronically. The time for consideration is about 3 months in the event that a full package of documents with the application was submitted. In periods of high workload, the terms can be extended.

Requirements for the structure of the company and its participants
The structure of the company should provide an opportunity to determine:

  • The beneficiaries of the company.
  • Directors and supervisors.
  • Management of the company.

Individuals who manage the company must meet a number of requirements. To do this, you will need to submit special questionnaires. If necessary, the Commission may assign an interview to such persons to determine whether the existing experience and knowledge allow the company to be managed.

It is worth noting that the legislation of the Isle of Man is loyal to the activities related to crypto-currencies. It is regulation that makes this jurisdiction attractive to customers.

Our services include:

  • Preparation and filing of an application for a financial license.
  • Preparation of a package of documents for submission to the Financial Affairs Commission.
  • Assistance in completing questionnaires and other mandatory forms for obtaining a license.
  • Consultations in terms of the process of obtaining a license for working with crypto currency ..

For more detailed information and clarification of the cost, please write to our specialists. We will answer all your questions!

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