Getting a residence visa in Austria


Capital: Vienna
GDP: 387 3 billion, dollars
Language: German
Air temperature: average annual temperature +9.8 °C


Stability, good ecology, the possibility of visa-free travel in most countries of the world, affordable and high-quality education and medicine - this is only a small part of the benefits that Austrian residence permit holders have access to. From year to year, Austria confidently is among the five most comfortable European countries, and its migration program has existed for 35 years now. A foreign investor, who dreams of moving to Austria needs a good reputation and a solid start-up capital.

Advantages of a residence permit in Austria

  • Access to travel to all Schengen countries, without a mandatory visa.
  • Ability to obtain citizenship if certain conditions are met.
  • The right to live in a country with well-developed infrastructure, a sustainable economy, a mild climate, and clean air.
  • The possibility of obtaining a residence permit for all family members. 

How to obtain a residence permit

There are 2 main ways to obtain an Austrian residence permit.

1 Method (recommended)

The first and main way to obtain a residence permit isto get employment in a local company.

In this case, you are employed by an Austrian company, receive your salary and pay official taxes on it (taxes in Austria amount to 40-50% of your salary). After approximately 6 months you can obtain a residence permit.

2 Way (alternative)

It is also possible to obtain an Austrian residence permit by means of a confirmation of one's own solvency, namely a deposit in a local bank account. In this case, you need to open an account with an Austrian bank and put a deposit of 100 000 EUR on it.

Important: Applying for a residence permit this way is only possible on January 1 of this year and only at the Austrian consulate of your place of residence.

This method is quite risky as it goes along a high probability of refusal, given an intention to get a residence permit that exceeds the quota provided by the state.


The Austrian residence permit must be renewed for the first 3 years annually, then once every 3 years. At the same time it is necessary to keep your employment in a local company (Method 1) and to pay taxes. In the future, Austria gives the opportunity to obtain an indefinite residence permit. 

Remaining in the country

Staying in Austria requires 180 days + 1 per year. Usually, this is not respected, but there is a possibility of inspection. It is not recommended to break the pattern in the first few years. 

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