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Turkey is a country that boasts one of the fastest growing economies in the world. To stimulate its growth, the country is interested in investment, so it offers many interesting programs and benefits to non-residents. 

The advantages of Turkey for business

  • Low operating costs;
  • A skilled workforce against a background of relatively low wages;
  • In Turkey, there are many local manufacturers who are willing to make concessions, ready to help and support investors. They work not only with large but also small businesses, they easily take small orders;
  • Under certain conditions, Turkey offers benefits to foreign investors - exemption from VAT and customs duties, the opportunity to take a tax deduction, etc;
  • Opportunity to obtain citizenship if foreign businesspeople makes an investment of $400k.

Peculiarities of the company registration in Turkey

The best option for business in Turkey is the registration of a Limited Sirket (LS) or LLC. This is one of the most convenient and easy to register and manage organizational and legal forms, which is preferred by most businesspeople. 

LLC is great for both commercial and industrial activities. Features:

  • Fast registration time (5-7 business days);
  • 100% ownership is allowed;
  • Tax is 23% of net income;
  • Availability of a large number of free and investment zones;
  • There are reporting and auditing requirements;
  • Company can be managed by manager or board of managers, who can not be shareholders;
  • The number of shareholders is from 1 to 50. If a person can not come to Turkey, it is possible to become a shareholder by proxy. Information about shareholders appear in the official journal of the Commercial Register. They are not liable for debts of LLC, unless otherwise stated in the charter. The exception is the state debts of the company;
  • The minimum share capital is 10k turkish lira, which must be deposited in a special bank account opened in the name of the company. When the minimum capital is deposited, the bank will issue a letter confirming this fact. You need it to register the company;
  • The director can be a foreigner who has received a work permit in Turkey, but he does not have to be a shareholder in the company. He/she can be dismissed at any time by decision of the general meeting of shareholders.

The opening of a company in Turkey passes through MERSİS, the Central Registry System of the Ministry of Trade. The business name approved by the shareholders of the LLC must be submitted and approved through the system.

At the time of incorporation, the company must have:

  • Identification number obtained from the tax office - needed not only for taxes, but also for opening an account;
  • Articles of Incorporation certified at the commercial registry or with a notary;
  • Letter from the bank that there is enough money in the account to open a company. It should indicate the name of the company, its shareholders, their share of the invested capital;
  • A receipt for payment of 0.4% of the share capital to the Antimonopoly Committee.

When registering a company, you need to submit an application, signed by the director, stating the basic information about the company. It is accompanied by a set of documents, including the articles of association, declaration, copies of passports, TINs of shareholders and directors.

When the company is incorporated, the registration information will appear in the Turkish Commercial Register. To complete the registration, one must register with the tax and social security authorities.

How to register an LLC in Turkey quickly

To register an LS in Turkey quickly, contact IT-OFFSHORE experts and we will help you. The services include:

  • Preparation of documents (collection, filling, notarization, etc.);
  • Registration of LTD;
  • Payment of all state fees;
  • Registration agent services for one year with possible extension;
  • Translation services;
  • Delivery of registration documents to any address convenient to you.

Optional fee for opening an account in a local bank and accounting.

€ 4000
Turkey STAND.
  • Company registration
  • Payment of all state fees
  • Registration Agent Service for 1 year
  • Translator fees
  • Binding of corporate documents
  • Delivery of documents to your convenient address
€ 6500
Turkey PRO
  • Company registration
  • Payment of all state fees
  • Registration Agent Service for 1 year
  • Translator fees
  • Binding of corporate documents
  • Delivery of documents to your convenient address
  • Opening of a bank account in a local bank (personal visit required)

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