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Kahnawake Gaming License

Kahnawake is an Indian territory located in the Canadian province of Quebec. One of the first jurisdictions in the world to license online gambling. The first rules to regulate gambling activities were adopted in 1999. The Kahnawake Gambling Commission is the official licensing and regulatory body. Kahnawake gambling license allows you to legally conduct online gambling business.

Client Provider Authorizations (CPA) is a type of gaming license in the Kahnawake that allows the operator to organize gambling activities. The license covers any type of online gaming, including casinos, poker, betting, lotteries, etc. If you wish to organize your business in Kahnawake, this type of license is right for you. The license covers all markets except the US.

Procedure for obtaining a license in Kahnawake:

Before you can obtain a Gaming License, which is issued by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, you must register a legal entity.

Step 1 Company Registration

  • The company must be registered in the British Virgin Islands;
  • The declared capital of the company in the British Virgin Islands is 100,000 shares worth $1;
  • The company, registered in the British Virgin Islands, must have at least one director and shareholder. They can be both individuals and legal entities;
  • There are requirements to have a registered agent;
  • A company incorporated in the BVI must have a registered office in the country of incorporation.

Step 2 Applying for a license, payment of license fee

We will prepare all necessary forms for your application.

Requirements for a Gambling License:

  • Provide information on the beneficial owner, directors, shareholders of the company for further compliance check;
  • Registered company in Kanawake;
  • Passing an independent audit;
  • Availability of servers in Kahnawake;
  • Have no criminal record and have the experience and education of key individuals in the company;
  • Have quality certified software;
  • Proof of domain ownership;
  • Submit all documents required by the commission;
  • Pay all fees associated with obtaining a license.

Game license validity period is 5 years. Renewed annually.

The annual license fee for a Kahnawake Gaming License is $20,000.

The Board will review the license application after all regulatory requirements have been met and all license fees have been paid. A decision will then be made to issue the license.

The timeframe for obtaining a license is 5-8 weeks.

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