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Kahnawake Gaming License

Kahnawake is an Indian territory located within the Canadian province of Quebec. It is one of the world's first jurisdictions to license online gambling. The initial regulations for regulating gambling activities were adopted in 1999. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is the official licensing and regulatory authority. A Kahnawake gambling license allows legal operation of online gambling businesses.

Why choose Kahnawake?

  • The Client Provider Authorizations (CPA) license issued in Kahnawake covers all types of online games, including casinos, poker, sports betting, lotteries, and more.
  • You can obtain a gambling license in Kahnawake by registering a company in any other country.
  • The duration of the gaming license is 5 years and can be renewed annually.
  • A Kahnawake license allows you to accept payments from customers in cryptocurrency.

Procedure for obtaining a license in Kahnawake:

Before obtaining a Gambling License issued by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, you must register a legal entity. In addition to this, you will need to:

  • Appoint a company representative who will advocate for its interests before the Commission.
  • Gather all necessary documents.
  • Submit an application and pay the registration fee.
  • Wait for the regulator's response, which may take 1 to 2 months.
  • Launch an online casino upon a positive response.

Requirements for a Gambling License:

  • Provide information about the beneficial owner, directors, and shareholders of the company for further compliance checks.
  • The registered company must be in Kahnawake.
  • Pass an independent audit.
  • Have servers located in Kahnawake.
  • Key individuals in the company must have a clean criminal record and relevant experience and education.
  • Have high-quality certified software.
  • Confirm ownership of the domain.
  • Submit all requested documents to the commission.
  • Pay all fees related to obtaining the license.

The processing time for obtaining the license is 5-8 weeks.

The gaming license is valid for 5 years and is renewed annually.

The annual license fee for a Kahnawake gaming license is $20,000 USD.

The Commission will review the license application after all regulatory requirements are met and all license fees are paid. Subsequently, a decision will be made regarding the issuance of the license.

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