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Сrypto-company in the Cayman Islands

Buying a сrypto-company in the Cayman Islands

This jurisdiction is popular among entrepreneurs working in the financial services industry. Key sectors on the islands are banking and insurance activities, as well as the opening of joint funds. Despite the small territory of the islands, many companies, banks, and investment funds are registered there.

Specifics of regulation

CIMA has not yet published its position on the status of the cryptocurrency and the terms of its turnover. However, if the currency is used as a means of payment, the law on monetary services applies. According to this law, all legal entities are required to obtain a permit to provide monetary services.

Means of payment (tokens) are used as payment for goods. In most cases, such currency is used by firms that provide financial services. Issuers must follow MSL and ETL rules. There are provisions against money laundering within the islands.

Under MSL, financial services include activities involving money orders. Other services as determined by the island authorities may also fall within this scope.

To be fully operational, a company must not only obtain a permit but also comply with anti-money laundering laws. Due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, many funds have opened a company offshore. The work of these institutions and peculiarities of registration are regulated by MFL.

The nuances of registration

The opening of a company and its further operation is regulated by the Companies Act. Usually all legal entities that are registered in the territory conduct business abroad to avoid taxation.

A number of rules must be followed in order to be successfully registered. The company must operate outside the jurisdiction and may not enter into transactions with persons who are residents of the islands.

Shares of such firms should not be in free circulation. At least one director and a shareholder are required to open a company. There are no conditions as to the residency of such persons. A registered office is an obligatory condition. Costs of opening a company may vary depending on the size of the charter capital.

Taxation of cryptocurrency activities

Since the islands are offshore territory, the tax rate may be equal to zero. Some companies are allowed to obtain a certificate of exemption from fees for two decades with the possibility of extension.

Despite the zero rate of taxation, there is a need to pay stamp duty when selling real estate assets in the jurisdiction. The company in the territory has no obligation to provide financial accounts and reports for the year.

There are no strict requirements for the preparation and submission of financial statements. At the same time, the company must keep financial reports on transactions, which are necessary to analyze the state of the company.

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