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Obtaining cryptocurrency license in Switzerland

The Swiss government is taking all available measures to successfully develop the field of cryptocurrency in the country. In the process of creating special legislation governing the exchange of virtual currency. Due to low taxes and legal status of cryptobusiness, this area is becoming the most popular for conducting financial activities.

Basics of the cryptocurrency market in Switzerland

The country has not yet adopted formal legislation relating to the establishment of the status and rules for conducting transactions with cryptocurrencies. Today, such transactions are subject to financial intermediation clauses. For operations with cryptocurrencies will need to obtain a license. When making payment for goods or services by blockchains, a license is not needed. In the case of acquiring currency for the purpose of trading on exchange exchanges, commercial organizations must issue a special permit - a license.

The document is issued by the main regulator of the state - the Financial Market Supervision Authority (FINMA). Companies working with the blockchain should not receive the document, they issue a financial intermediary license (DSFI) or permission to conduct banking activities. The service should provide evidence of compliance with the conditions for working with cryptocurrencies, including:

1. A rental agreement or certificate of ownership of an office in Switzerland. This implies that when organizing a company is obliged to fully comply with the requirements of Swiss law, also in the field of AML.
2. The authorized body must provide a document indicating the possible risks that may arise during the implementation of financial transactions and other instruments.
3. Evidence is presented on the sufficiency and liquidity of capital.
4. Access is granted for auditing to be scheduled or after hours.

Who owns the license in Switzerland

Today, only one cryptocurrency organization in Switzerland has a license for exchange operations. It is located in the center of the blockchain business, in the canton of Zug. The company is called Haro.

On the example of Haro, it became clear that the process of obtaining permission took a long time. Even the pre-license registration was delayed for the company for 2 years. However, specialized holdings have found an alternative. It is used as an alternative. Possible entry into a self-regulatory organization. They are currently operating in Switzerland. 12. One of the largest institutions is the only managing center in Zug - VQF. Several blockchain companies joined the list of its participants. The SRO functions include control of the activities of members of the union, the imposition of fines within the framework of current legislation and the statute.

To join the SRO will need:

  • have a registered address in Switzerland and a place of actual activity;
  • The founders should be two Swiss residents, the director can only be a citizen of the country.

Earlier, the Swiss Federal Council launched an initiative to revoke licenses for companies whose annual turnover did not exceed 1 million francs. The legislation in the field of blockchain technologies is constantly undergoing changes, the reason for the adoption of new acts is the need to legalize commercial activities related to the turnover of virtual currencies. Such a center of financial activity is so far the only among all areas working with the blockchain.

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