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IT-OFFSHORE offers its customers to issue permission for gambling in several jurisdictions - in Malta, Seychelles, Romania, Montenegro and some other countries. Our experts will help to collect a package of documents, advise and help you get permission in the shortest possible time.

The need for a license

Only with the presence of a special license and the preparation of all necessary documents it is possible to conduct business - it must be legal, not inconsistent with existing laws.

The specifics of obtaining a permit for activities in other states are determined by the commission to control this type of activity. The rules contain the behavior of persons who have a relationship with the licensed company. The conditions for obtaining a license are similar to the requirements for persons who conduct banking activities.

General conditions:

  • The owner of the company has experience in the field of finance;
  • There should be no suspicion of conducting an illegal business;
  • Presence of a positive reputation among applicants;
  • The ability to provide data on finance, company, employees.

Our company offers to issue a license abroad. Receiving a document implies having an organization to provide invoices and conduct transactions If there is no company, our specialists will help with its registration.

Choosing a country for business

One of the most reliable jurisdictions is Curaçao. Malta is no less relevant for these purposes; however, the registration procedure is quite lengthy; a large number of contributions are required, the amount of which can be changed on the basis of the direction of activity.

Other jurisdictions in which gambling licenses can be obtained are Alderney, Kanawake, as well as Antigua and Barbuda. To get accurate information about the possibility of obtaining documents in other countries, as well as other information about business development, it is recommended to contact IT-OFFSHORE specialists

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