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St. Lucia

St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme

Capital: Castri
GDP: US $ 2.11 billion
Language: English, Creole
Air temperature: average annual temperature is 26 °C

The Citizenship by Investment Programme of St. Lucia was established in 2015 to become the most innovative and safe programme in the region.

The main advantages are the following:

  • No income tax worldwide. No tax on capital gains, property or inheritance;
  • St. Lucia passport allows visa-free entry to more than 100 countries, including the UK, EU and Hong Kong;
  • Applications are considered within 3 months after being accepted by the Investment Department;
  • There is no need to visit the island to obtain citizenship, although all applicants are subject to a rigorous screening process;
  • The simplified trade procedure offers a wide range of investment opportunities;
  • The application for citizenship may include children and parents (over 65 years of age) with disabilities. 

Investment Opportunities

Government Donation to National Economic Fund (NEF)

The St. Lucia National Economic Fund (NEF) was established in 2015 under Section 33 of the Citizenship by Investment Act to receive donations under the Citizenship by Investment Programme. Mony received by the NEF will be allocated for specific projects to help the national development agenda of St. Lucia.

The price for participation in the programme is calculated based on the number of family members. The minimum contribution per person is 100 thousand dollars. If you apply as a family of fewer than 4 people, the amount will be from $190,000.

Only investor 

100 000 USD

Investor + spouse 

165 000 USD

Investor + spouse + two children

190 000 USD

Additional family member for more than 4 

25 000 USD (for each) people 

State fees

Due Diligence Principal Applicant

7 500 USD

Due Diligence Spouse

5 000 USD

Processing Fee Principal Applicant

2 000 USD

Processing Fee for each Dependent

1 000 USD

Real Estate Investment

Once citizenship is obtained, the Government of Saint Lucia allows applicants to invest in real estate: branded hotels, resorts and boutiques. To obtain citizenship of the country by investing in real estate, the applicant must conclude a contract of purchase worth at least 300,000 dollars and the real estate project must be approved by the government.

Minimum investment 

300 000 USD

Property retention period 

5 year

Legal services and escrow


State fees


50 000 USD


35 000 USD

Dependent child under 16 y.o.

25 000 USD (for each)

Dependent 16 y.o. and over

35 000 USD  (for each)

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