Obtaining SPI license


Companies with a Czech SPI (Small Payment Institution) license.

Карта SPI

SPI (Small Payment Institution) is a special regulatory regime for small payment institutions. This regime offers simplified licensing requirements and procedures for companies with a limited volume of payment transactions.

The Czech SPI regime offers a number of simplified requirements compared to a standard payment institution license: Reduced initial capital requirements - SPIs require a minimum initial capital of EUR 20,000 compared to EUR 50,000 for standard payment institutions.

Recently, the Czech Republic has become a European center for payment systems of various sizes. We are approached by both new companies that want to start a business providing payment services, and companies that are already running this business, but previously made a tactical mistake and registered their companies either offshore, or in the Baltics or Cyprus. As a result, acquiring banks and other payment systems refuse to work with them. Payment system and electronic money licenses issued by the Czech National Bank (CNB) give the right to operate throughout Europe and attract clients from all over the world.

Advantages of the offer:

The company has three open current accounts (Creditas bank, Fio bank a.s., Kraken corporate SPI account verified).

Authorized capital 400,000 EUR.

  • VAT registration.
  • License in ČNB (financial market regulator)
  • No debt.

The company has the opportunity:

  • Open and maintain electronic money accounts/payment accounts of your clients - legal entities and individuals (including assignment of IBAN).
  • Provide a regulatory framework for a single payments market.
  • Issue financial instruments, including prepaid and debit bank cards.
  • Make money transfers without opening an account (remittance).
  • Accept payments in favor of your clients in various ways, including payments from bank cards, transfers, SWIFT payments.
  • Provide Internet acquiring services.
  • Currency exchange.
  • Payment initiation services.

If you want to sell your company, our company is ready to help you find a buyer and formalize the entire transaction.
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