Technological support for ICO

Technological support for ICO

Technological ICO support can be divided into two stages:

SmartContract and personal investor's account development, marketing automation, affiliate program and Airdrop organization:

  • SmartContract development while using distributed registry technology and ethereum platform.
  • Personalized investor's office for a specific ICO procedure.
  • Automatic balances display in the investors profile.
  • Whitelist (potential clients database) formation with protection from multi-accounts.
  • KYC (Know your customer) procedure 
  • Automatic messages posting on all communication channels with the customers: Telegram, Twitter, Bitcointalk, Reddit.
  • Critical users mass attraction while using AirDrop.
  • Affiliate program for the word of mouth about your project implementation (individual statistic is available for each user) with integrated Telegram bot.
Technological support for ICO

Achieved result:

A mechanism has been created to effectively disseminate information about the project on thematic resources and the opportunity to recruit potential investors.

ICO holding and interaction with funds:

  • Individual project promotion plan development.
  • The project submission in more than 20 crypto funds.
  • Community support and work with it in social networks and messengers.
  • Discussions support on bitcointalk in both English and Russian.
  • Assistance in writing the articles with the instructions for passing all ICO stages for investors.
  • Airdrop and bounty campaigns holding.
  • Working with the subscribers’ email database. 
  • Investors funnel development for increasing conversions.
Technological support for ICO

Achieved result:

ICO holding and full technical support at all stages.

Ready-made companies with bank accounts

Or you've already got own business and there is a need to expand the scope of activities. To avoid the loss of time and effort to register juridical individuals, you can arrange a ready-made company. You will have a fully prepared company with a package of documents, which is mandatory for conducting a full-fledged activity.

Companies with licenses

Buying a ready-made company is the best option for operational business development in a new industry, as well as the need to expand the scope of the existing organization increase its scale. Acquisition of a company with mandatory permits and license means the ability to enter a new market in a short period of time.


Acquisition of a ready-made bank allows you to save time, as well as quickly carry out all reissuing operations. On average, the procedure takes about one day. As a result, the client becomes the head of the bank, which already has a client base, as well as status in the market and ready staff. Our company conducts all operations in accordance with existing legislation.


Investment fund is a modern investment tool designed for all types of assets. The purpose — managing of assets as well as solving number of tasks in a way that works best for individuals. There is no open subscription, meaning that a private investment fund has a closed structure. This is the most optimal solution for distributing capital through broad instruments.

SEMI for sale

When conducting business related to foreign exchange transactions, electronic money and cryptocurrencies, it may be necessary to open a financial company with a SEMI license. This type of license covers the production of debit cards and cryptocurrencies, the acceptance and sending of payments, the execution of transfers from third parties, and the opening of merchant accounts.

Crypto Offshore

When working with cryptocurrency it is important to choose the right country, where it is most profitable to open a company. Each country has a different attitude towards this type of currency. A country that has a loyal or positive attitude towards cryptocurrency can be called a crypto-offshore.


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