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Poland is becoming an increasingly attractive country for doing business both by beginners and already successful entrepreneurs. In addition, doing business in this state is interesting for many people also because it creates optimal conditions for entering the European market. Almost any foreigner can open a company in this country, for such organizations, what is important, the state creates optimal conditions for doing business.

The most popular type of organizations opened today in this state by citizens of foreign countries is the Limited Liability Company (Spółka z o.o). Organizations of this type can practice here almost any kind of activity, the essence of which does not contradict the local legislation in force.

How to open an LLC in Poland and how much does it cost?

Opening an LLC in one of the cities of Poland is associated with certain nuances, which must be taken into account, having decided to engage in commercial activities here. The algorithm of actions, in such cases, is as follows:

- first of all, it is necessary to determine the types of activities that the organization will be engaged in;
- draw the name for the newly created company, check it for originality and, accordingly, availability;
- to prepare a foreign passport, the validity of which does not expire at the time of the company's opening.
In the procedure for opening a Polish company, it is not necessarily the personal presence of its future owner, it can also be performed by an attracted lawyer for whom the power of attorney is issued. To provide services of such a qualified specialist can be our company, which for several years has been registering companies in Poland and has gained a rich experience in this matter. Deciding to use the services of our company, you do not have to independently understand all the nuances associated with the opening in Poland of a company owned by a foreign citizen.

As part of the opening of the LLC in Poland, we offer several business packages, the main difference of which is the volume of provided services. From the selected business package, respectively, will determine the final cost of the service to open an organization in the country.

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of companies in Poland

The most attractive type of organization opened by a foreign citizen in Poland, as mentioned above, is LLC. The most significant advantages of firms of this type, which determines their attractiveness, include:
- reduced risks;
- the opportunity to engage in many activities;
- a small amount of the authorized capital (5000 zlotys), which does not vary depending on the number of founders of the organization;
- the ability to quickly implement their business ideas in practice and introduce them to the European market.

If we talk about the disadvantages of the company's registration in the country, the most significant of them is that such a procedure is associated with a large number of formal procedures that are sufficiently time-consuming and require the registration of multiple documents. In addition, we should not forget that such a procedure should be carried out according to certain rules, which are stipulated by the current legislation of the country.

To make it easier for yourself to open an LLC in Poland, if you use the services of IT-OFFSHORE, qualified specialists will solve all the related issues and do it as soon as possible.