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Getting a residence visa in Slovakia

Slovakia is a state in Central Europe. The country is a member of NATO and the EU. The state's economy is on a growth trend. Nowadays, it is important to obtain a residence permit in a jurisdiction by starting a company from scratch or buying a ready-made business.

The essence of the program and the advantages of immigration

The essence of the residence permit program in Slovakia is to register a company on a foreign founder who plans to issue a residence permit. It is obligatory to register the company in the commercial register of the state. This method of residence permit registration is popular because it is very simple. The authorities of the country promote a comfortable climate for immigration.

The program is beneficial for the country as it promotes the inflow of qualified personnel. There is a demand in the real estate market. On average, you can get a residence permit in 3-4 months.

Slovakia is considered one of the most loyal jurisdictions, where you can immigrate and start a business. The advantages of moving to this state and opportunities open to program participants are the following:

  • The cost of obtaining a residence permit is relatively small;
  • The process of obtaining the status is quick and takes only 3 months;
  • It is possible to develop entrepreneurship within the country or the whole territory of the European Union;
  • It is easy and profitable to conduct business in the country;
  • It is possible to extend the status; it is easier to do so than in other countries;
  • It is possible to apply for permanent residence status and obtain citizenship in the future.

Our company offers you to immigrate to the country by applying for a residence permit under a special program, by registering a company or buying a ready-made legal entity.

Features of company registration and main stages

Most often firms are registered in a legal form - SRO. It is a limited liability company. There are some requirements for the establishment of this legal entity.
The minimum amount of authorized capital must be 5 thousand euros. The maximum number of founders of one company must not exceed 50 individuals. Once you open such a company, you may obtain a residence permit. It is possible to register a company - payer of value-added tax. You can also prescribe in the charter a list of types of activities that do not require a special permit.

What documents will be required to obtain a residence permit:

  • Foreign passport;
  • Documents confirming that there is no criminal record;
  • Certified power of attorney;
  • Confirmation from a financial institution that there are at least 2600 euros in the account;
  • Confirmation from a bank that the company has at least 21 thousand euros in its account;
  • Insurance documents;
  • ID card;
  • Photos.

To obtain a residence permit, you will need to register a company or buy a ready-made business, after which you will need to rent a house, create an account with a financial institution, and submit a list of required documents to the police. You also need to pass a commission at a medical organization and get an ID card.

IT-OFFSHORE experts provide services for buying or opening a company from scratch in Slovakia, as well as for registering permanent residence and residence permit, and help to obtain citizenship. We also provide services to companies and solve legal issues.

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