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New Zealand

Financial license in New Zealand

Thanks to the respectability and transparency of the jurisdiction, the financial license FMA allows to offer financial services to customers from all over the world without strict requirements.

The license covers the following activities:

  • Business for the acceptance and management of customer accounts
  • Forex and brokerage companies
  • Asset management companies
  • Kraudfanding and piring schemes of crediting
  • Payment systems
  • Currency exchanges
  • Investment companies

Advantages of jurisdiction:

  • Absence of requirements to the minimum authorized capital
  • Lack of jurisdiction in the blacklists of other countries
  • Member of O.E.C.D
  • Included in British Commonwealth, official language - English
  • It is not a member of the EU, therefore, the EU Savings Tax directive does not apply to the country
  • The Hague Convention signed in 1922 (documents certified by an apostille in one of the States parties to the Convention must be accepted in another country party to the Convention without any restrictions).
  • New Zealand has a developed infrastructure, including a progressive and reliable economy, efficient telephone and Internet services.

Our services include:
1. Preparation and filling of an application for a financial license.
2. Preparation of a package of documents for submission to the Administration of New Zealand for financial matters.
3. Assistance in completing questionnaires and other mandatory forms for obtaining an FSP license.
4. Consultations regarding the process of obtaining a financial license in New Zealand.

Timing: from three to six months.

For more detailed information and clarification of the cost, please write to our specialists. Wie will answer all your questions!

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