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Getting a UAE tax resident visa

Capital: Abu Dhabi
GDP: the US $ 400.902 billion
Language: Arabic, English
Air temperature: average annual temperature during the day: +26 °C, in the evening: +17 °C

Today the number of entrepreneurs who want to have an office in the UAE and get a residence for themselves and their families is steadily growing. In the UAE, the document proving residence is called a visa.

The visa is issued by registering a local company and opening a personal account in a prestigious UAE bank.

Why the UAE?

  • UAE tax residents are exempted from paying taxes;
  • Privacy (closed registry);
  • Huge financial turnover, well-developed infrastructure;
  • Favorable climate for investment;
  • Highly-rated status of banks;
  • The government is friendly to foreign entrepreneurs.

The main advantage of the jurisdiction is the lack of information exchange between UAE and other countries.

According to the guidelines on an auto exchange, a resident of the UAE is required to have valid documents:

1 - Tax resident visas
2 - Emirates ID cards

Automatic exchange of tax information with the UAE

The procedure of the exchange of tax information takes place using the client's tax number, which is provided to the bank. For UAE residents, the tax number is the identification number that you receive along with the tax resident's visa. Thus, UAE residents are not subject to the automatic exchange of tax information.

There is no automatic exchange of tax information for UAE residents and this is one of the main advantages of obtaining a visa.

What is included in the package:

  • Company registration.
  • Bank account
  • Local office for 1 year
  • Resident visa for 3 years 

As part of the registration of the company in the UAE, we provide a full local address, which acts as confirmation of the work and management of the company from the UAE.

One of the main advantages of a tax resident visa is that the process of obtaining one takes only 3 to 4 weeks!
Tax resident certificate

Tax Residence Certificate = can be obtained within six months after obtaining a visa and 183 days without residence status in the UAE.

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