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Malta Investment License

Malta’s comprehensive legal framework, favourable tax system and sound regulatory regime have attracted a number of credit and financial institutions, fund management hedge funds, private equity structures, investment services operators, and retail and captive insurance and reinsurance companies to its shores.


The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) - is the single regulator for financial services activities in Malta. It regulates and supervises credit and financial institutions, investment, trust and insurance business and also houses Malta’s central Companies Registry.


IT OFFSHORE company provides services regarding investment or brokerage company registration, opening a bank account, and also renders assistance in obtaining a license in compliance with all the requirements.


Having received an investment license, your company will be able to provide the following services:

  • Consulting clients on the issues of monetary operations of organizations, markets, funds.
  • Storage and management of investors' capital.
  • Creation of own financial instruments and their further implementation.
  • An investment license can obtain banking and mortgage organizations, forex brokers and other firms. Depending on the field of activity, a certain range of available services is established.

Our service package includes the following:

  • Payment of government fee for company registration in Malta;
  • Registered address in Malta;
  • Bank account opening;
  • Government licensing fee;
  • Registered agent services;
  • Delivery of documents to the requested address.


Stages of obtaining a license:

Completing the forms and applying to the Financial Services Commission of Malta with a request for obtaining Investment License. Payment of government fees for filing a license application and licensing fee.
In the event of registration approval one can successfully obtain a license.


The process of obtaining can be divided into three stages:
The first stage - preparatory (application, payment of state fees, verification by the relevant body).
The second stage is pre-licensing (authorization for license issuance by a special body, formation of a company structure, filing of all copies of documents together with originals in its final version, issuance of a license in the absence of any errors).
The third – post licensing (the Applicant may be required to satisfy a number of specific post-licensing matters prior to formal commencement of business).



1. Company registering in Labuan and first year of service, including:

  • state payment
  • registered agent services
  • legal address
    preparation of constituent normative documents


2. License obtaining:

  • state payment
  • registered agent services


The sum includes:

  • Expenses incurred during company registration
  • Providing a registered address
  • Government fee for license renewal
  • Registered agent services
  • Support during the entire license registration procedure from the moment of documents submission to the Commission up to obtaining a license.
  • Setting up a package of documents for obtaining a license
  • Delivery of documents to the requested address


Timeframes for obtaining a license:
The timeframe of company registration with Forex license is 3-4 months


Personnel requirements:
Minimum of one director (individual or entity) with no residency requirements
Secretary not required
In order to register a company with the right to obtain a Forex License, the director must have duly documented experience in the financial sector, a high level of educational and good professional reputation.

The Finance Commission has the right to check the qualifications of employees, in particular directors and managers. Each employee can voluntarily undergo certification or provide evidence of his education and work experience in financial sector.


Office Requirements:
Locally registered office is required for company establishment in Labuan.


Registered Capital Requirements
To register a company with a brokerage license in Labuan the minimum amount of registered capital ranged from €125000 to €730000

Ready-made companies with bank accounts

Or you've already got own business and there is a need to expand the scope of activities. To avoid the loss of time and effort to register juridical individuals, you can arrange a ready-made company. You will have a fully prepared company with a package of documents, which is mandatory for conducting a full-fledged activity.

Companies with licenses

Buying a ready-made company is the best option for operational business development in a new industry, as well as the need to expand the scope of the existing organization increase its scale. Acquisition of a company with mandatory permits and license means the ability to enter a new market in a short period of time.


Acquisition of a ready-made bank allows you to save time, as well as quickly carry out all reissuing operations. On average, the procedure takes about one day. As a result, the client becomes the head of the bank, which already has a client base, as well as status in the market and ready staff. Our company conducts all operations in accordance with existing legislation.


Investment fund is a modern investment tool designed for all types of assets. The purpose — managing of assets as well as solving number of tasks in a way that works best for individuals. There is no open subscription, meaning that a private investment fund has a closed structure. This is the most optimal solution for distributing capital through broad instruments.

SEMI for sale

When conducting business related to foreign exchange transactions, electronic money and cryptocurrencies, it may be necessary to open a financial company with a SEMI license. This type of license covers the production of debit cards and cryptocurrencies, the acceptance and sending of payments, the execution of transfers from third parties, and the opening of merchant accounts.

Crypto Offshore

When working with cryptocurrency it is important to choose the right country, where it is most profitable to open a company. Each country has a different attitude towards this type of currency. A country that has a loyal or positive attitude towards cryptocurrency can be called a crypto-offshore.


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