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 HOT DEALS» Crypto-exchanger


A more affordable alternative to crypto-exchange, both for financial investments and for the level of competencies required to run, is the crypto-exchanger.

We offer you a complete solution consisting of:
- Deployment and configuration of the crypto-exchanger script
- Company registration and receipt of crypto-license in Estonia
- Bank account opening with IBAN in a payment institution loyal to crypto activity.
- Development of a business plan and roadmap for marketing
- Technical support and security audit

Advantages of this solution:
- adaptive design
- complete customization for your project
- Quick setup (installation instructions are available)
- BitCoin exchange script
- possibility of automation of the exchange process
- support for you 24/7
Please, specify the cost of this solution with our managers

Documents required for obtaining a license in Estonia:
1. Notarized certified copies of passports of beneficiaries.
2. Notarized confirmation of the address of the beneficiaries.
3. Certificate on the absence of previous convictions of shareholders, beneficiaries and other officers of the company.
The certificate must be issued no more than 3 months before the application is submitted and be translated into Estonian by a sworn translator.