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We offer you a ready-made Vanuatu company with an FDL forex dealer license.

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The Forex Dealer License (FDL) is a special type of license issued by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) for companies wishing to provide services in the Forex market. FDL allows companies to operate as a forex broker, offering clients trading currency pairs, CFDs and other financial instruments.

Buying a forex company with a license in Vanuatu has many advantages. You can start brokerage activities immediately after purchasing a business. There is no need to register a company from scratch, wait 3 months, which is necessary for the regulator to review the documents and give permission.

Changes in legislation

In the fall of 2021 local legislation was amended to introduce 4 types of licenses:

Class A, which allows transactions in deliverable currency and debt instruments;

Class B permits operations with stocks, precious metals, etc;

Class C, which includes activities with futures and derivatives;

Class D, which is required for operations with virtual assets.

Ready-made company with a Vanuatu forex license

Basic Information:

  • The company is registered in an offshore jurisdiction, Vanuatu;
  • The company was opened for brokerage activities and is fully ready for business;
  • Share capital (50,000 USD) is held by the Vanuatu Regulatory Authority;
  • Compensation for share capital is included in the price;
  • The company has no debts.


  • Ready site with connected and configured backoffice + domains for transferring rights;
  • MetaTrader 5 server is assembled and configured;
  • Perfect money, bank transfer, crypto, credit cards for deposits.


Other advantages are no income tax, no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax, no exchange control, and low license renewal fees. The company can serve an unlimited number of traders.

Leverage has no restrictions, financial transactions are carried out quickly and without problems. The broker can operate in a country around the world; there is no requirement to be present in Vanuatu.

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