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Obtain Malta Gaming License B2B

The first step in the process of obtaining a license is the registration of the company. For a company registered in Malta, there are requirements for the minimum amount of the authorized capital - 1200 EUR. The capital must be paid in full.

Any legal entity registered in the EU may apply for a Maltese gambling license.

In order to minimize taxation it is recommended to register a holding company. In the case of registering a holding company, the amount of gaming tax in Malta is 5%.

The cost of holding company registration includes the following:

  • Registration fee
  • Registered office (annual fee)
  • Company secretary (annual fee)Registration with the tax authorities. 

Terms of registration: 1-3 days from the date of receipt of all necessary documents.

A company registered in Malta must have a registered office and company secretary.

The name of the beneficial owner of the company, with a share of 25% or more will be entered into the Registry of Companies.

Second step. Once the company is registered, we proceed to open a bank account for the company. At the same time, we apply for the registration of the company with the tax authorities.

Timeline: 2-3 weeks.
Then we get a VAT number for the company (about 3 weeks).

Third Step. Getting a B2B gambling license.

The minimum share capital for B2B gaming supply license for types 1, 2, and 3 (platform providers) is 40 000 EUR. The share capital must be paid in the form of a bank transfer from ultimate beneficial owners to the bank account. The amount contributed can be used as the working capital of the company. The share capital cannot be contributed in the form of a bank guarantee.

The license fee for the first year for B2B gaming supply licenses (platform providers) is 25 000-35 000 euros. The license fee for the first year must be paid before the license is issued.

Duration of license - 10 years.

The price includes the following:

  • MGA application fee;
  • Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) fees;
  • Licensing assistance (for one B2B license with one type / vertical of play);
  • UBO and company shareholder due diligence;
  • Preparation of a 3 year business plan and financial forecast;
  • Assistance with implementation of gaming and management system in accordance with legal requirements;
  • Assistance with preparation of documentation required for licensing, including Policies, Procedures, Technical Documentation, MGA Forms, ongoing contact with MGA;
  • Risk assessment of major components;
  • Review of websites and applications in use to ensure they meet MGA requirements for one (1) B2B license with one type/vertical (each additional vertical is charged separately).

The price does not include:

The minimum authorized capital is 40 000 euros.

The cost of the first annual license is 25 000-35 000 euros.

For more detailed information and cost clarification, please contact our specialists. We will be happy to answer all your questions!

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