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Hungary is a European independent state bordering with Romania, Serbia, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and Ukraine. The country joined the European Union in 2004. Over the past few years, Hungary has shown great growth in economic development. The annual GDP movement is more than 5%. Effective reforms are aimed at improving legislation. The regulation of investor activity is being improved, which leads to the growth of entrepreneurs who want to open a company in Hungary.

Main advantages

  • Good reputation of a jurisdiction.
  • Lack of currency control.
  • Low corporate income tax rate.
  • Signing of double tax treaties with a large number of countries.

Company type
KFT is a limited liability company

9% of profit below 500,000,000,000 HUF (about 1.6 million EUR)
19% of profits over 500,000,000 HUF + 2% of profits from municipal business tax.
Dividend tax: 0%.

Share capital: 10 000 EUR
Once registered, these funds may be disposed of at the discretion of the company.

The company must have a registered office in Hungary.

The status and residence of the shareholders is irrelevant.

Terms for registration of the company are 10-14 days.

For company registration and bank account opening, it will be necessary to fly to Hungary

€ 2650
Hungary PRO
  • Incorporation documents preparation
  • Registered address
  • Apostilled set of documents
  • Stamp
  • DHL Delivery

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