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Companies for ICO

ICO is an excellent modern way to attract investment in the financial world.
Back in 2014 it was launched the first project for the ICO and over the next two years managed to show such results that it became a real sensation in the market.

Now, through the ICO, multimillion-dollar projects are launched, successfully multiplying the investor’s investments.

Why ICO?

Thanks to ICO, both investors and project authors make money, so this system is in demand.

In most countries, the ICO is not subject to strict regulation, so registering a firm for ICO is an excellent solution for a successful business.

The following jurisdictions for ICO can be distinguished:
• Switzerland.
• Malta.
• Czech Republic.
• Gibraltar.
• Australia.
• Singapore.
• Estonia.

The choice of a suitable country depends on the scope of the startup. Please contact IT-OFFSHORE specialists, we will gladly answer all your questions, and will select the most beneficial jurisdiction for you.