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Cryptocurrency license in Slovakia

Slovakia is a promising jurisdiction attracting crypto investors due to its simple regulation and transparent process of obtaining a cryptocurrency license.

In Slovakia, there are two options for obtaining a crypto license. You can obtain a license for providing electronic wallet services and a license for conducting cryptocurrency operations. The choice of license depends entirely on the nature of your business, and in both cases, establishing a local crypto company is required.

Requirements for registering a crypto company in Slovakia:

  1. Registered statutory capital of 5,000 euros.
  2. The director must have a European place of residence.
  3. Registered office in Slovakia with locally hired staff.
  4. Clean criminal record.
  5. The company must comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) policy.
  6. Unique company name (three options are recommended).

Documents required for obtaining a crypto license:

  1. Passports of beneficiaries and company directors.
  2. Proof of residence.
  3. Document certifying the absence of a criminal record.
  4. The applicant must provide audited financial statements for the previous three years.
  5. High school diploma. If the document was issued abroad, the owner must undergo a nostrification procedure that can take about 8-12 weeks.
  6. Detailed business plan, including operational structure and financial details.
  7. All documents must be translated into the Slovak language by a translator certified by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic.

The average timeframe for obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Slovakia is 3-4 months.

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