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The small state of Vanuatu, which is located in the southwestern Pacific, is often called "untouched paradise", which has certain grounds. The main reason why this country is often referred to in this way is not the identity of the culture and nature of this state, but the more that "paradise" in it are the conditions for its tax residents.

What is characteristic, in the present tax haven of Vanuatu, whose name is literally translated as "this land forever", has turned into the last few years, which was due to the efforts made by the government of the country.

Due to the acquisition of the status of a "tax haven" and intensive development of the economy, an increasing number of business representatives from all over the world are seeking to register an offshore company here.

The capital of this small Pacific state, as well as its financial, commercial, political, tourist, cultural and educational center is the port city of Viola. The national currency of the country is the currency of Vatu, which has an international designation VT.

The most popular form of offshore companies registered in the territory of this state is the International Company - International Company. The popularity of organizations of this type is explained for a number of reasons.

Vanuatu international companies. The main registration and activities features

The opening and activities of international organizations registered in Vanuatu are distinguished by a number of features, the main of which are as follows:

  • When registering a company in a given state, there is no such concept as "authorized capital".
  • Limit the responsibility of the organization can either shares, or guarantees, or both.
  • According to the current legislation of the country, both the legal address of the company and the tax agent must be officially registered on its territory.
  • The analogy of the Charter of the company and its Memorandum of Association is the Constitution of the organization, which is registered in a special commission.
  • You can register a company in Vanuatu, which will be an international organization, in just one day.
  • Any name in the official foreign language can be used as the name of the organization. The owner of the future company or the person who registers it, in such cases, must provide an officially certified translation of the company name into English.
  • If the words of the bank, finance, insurance, assurance, fund management, investment fund, building society, trust, trustees, reinsurance are to be present in the name of the registered organization, by the nature of its activity, for this it is necessary to obtain an appropriate permit ( license).
  • Organizations registered in the territory of this country may issue shares of several types: without par value and with it, preferred and bearer shares.
  • A company can carry out its activities with a director and one shareholder, and there are no requirements for their status.
  • Access to data on the founders of the organization and its other representatives is closed to third parties.
  • There are no requirements for the annual reporting and annual meetings.
  • An international company can not own property in Vanuatu and carry out trade operations in this country, but it has the right to manage its own bank account.
  • Within 20 years from the date of registration, the company is exempt from stamp duty, any tax deductions and external control over currency transactions.
  • Every year, an international organization must pay a fixed government fee, the amount of which is $ 300.

From what payments an international company is free in Vanuatu

There are the following payments from which an international organization in Vanuatu is free:

  • Income tax and corporation tax;
  • the tax charged on export of the capital and the inheritance tax;
  • the tax accrued on profit from exchange transactions and the tax from turnover.

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