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Cryptocurrency license in Croatia

The Croatian government has recently legalized cryptocurrency activity in the country. Exchanges and platforms where cryptocurrency can be traded have been opened. Cryptomats appeared to exchange ICOs for real money. Companies and individuals were able to pay with cryptocurrency for goods, if the seller agrees to accept it. 

Also, Croatia began issuing a license to work with cryptocurrency, which opens up a lot of prospects. Having received a license, a legal entity can work in all markets in Europe, both small and large companies.

The license in Croatia covers two types of activities:

  • crypto exchange (fiat to cryptocurrency exchange services, cryptocurrencies to fiat, and cryptocurrencies to cryptocurrencies);
  • custody service provider (custody services - storage of clients' funds in cryptoassets).

Advantages of the jurisdiction:

  • Small authorized capital - 20,000 HRK (about 2,700 EUR).
  • Remote procedure of getting license.
  • No requirements for audit.
  • No limits for turnover in license.
  • Advantageous tax rates - only 10% for earning less than 1 million EUR. 

Requirements for cryptocurrency license in Croatia:

  • Minimum registered capital is 20,000 HRK (about 2,700 EUR).
  • A minimum of one director is required, EU resident with experience in the financial sector.
  • Local director needs to have official income not lower than minimum Croatian level (about 800 EUR).
  • Availability of AML/CTF officer (appointed at the stage of company start-up, after obtaining license).
  • It is necessary to obtain a local tax number.


The standard tax rate for a legal entity is 18%. This rate can be reduced to 10% if the income of the legal entity is less than 7.5 million HRK (about 1 million EUR).

The company pays tax only if it transfers cryptocurrency into local money and withdraws it to the account. Cryptocurrency transactions themselves (exchange of one cryptocurrency for another) are not taxed. 

How to get a cryptolicense in Croatia

To open a company and get a license to work with cryptocurrency, contact our company. We closely monitor the situation in the country, we know about all the changes in the market, so we will help you quickly collect all the necessary documents.

Our services include:

  • Preparation and filling out all applications for a cryptocurrency license.
  • Preparation of a package of documents.
  • Assistance in filling out questionnaires and other mandatory forms for obtaining a license.
  • Advice on how to obtain a license to work with cryptocurrency in Croatia.

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