Registration of
offshore companies
Hong Kong

A ready-made company with an open account in Hong Kong

Today offshore companies are becoming more popular. Such organizations are also called "dormant".

Entrepreneurs are interested in this type of company, since they were registered earlier, but do not have any activity since registration. Are issued in the name of the owner upon request.

A clear advantage is the timing of re-registration of the company to a new owner, the opportunity to start your business in the shortest possible time.

We bring to your attention a ready-made company in Hong Kong with an open account. Below we provide additional information on the proposal.

Ready-made company in Hong Kong with open account in China Citiс Bank
International (Hong Kong)

Terms of renewal is up to 2 weeks
The company is registered to nominal registrar (Chinese citizen)
Trust declaration in the name of the new owner, agreement on the provision of nominal service and denial letters signed by the nominal registrar without specifying dates will be drawn up during the company‘s reissues.

Company is registered in 2015
Account was opened in 2017.
Account is multicurrency, work and transactions with the account were not conducted.
The name includes "trading solutions".
Business activity of the company is trade.

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