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    Offshore company
    only for $399

    This is reality!

    Do not miss your chance to order it now!

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    Offshore company
    only for $399

    This is reality!

    Do not miss your chance to order it now!

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The best offshore jurisdictions

Each successful business affair has companies registered offshore in low tax jurisdictions distinguished by tax rates and government control of business activities. There are a lot of offshore jurisdictions but we would like to represent the best of them:

Belize (the IBC), the Seychelles (the IBC), Panama (Corporation,), England (LTD, LLP), Scotland (the LP), Estonia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States (Oregon).

More detailed information of IT OFFSHORE LTD you can find in section "About us". Learn more about offshore and offshore companies in section “Information”.

The best offshore jurisdictions

Seychelles LITE
$ 399

Registration within 24 hours Registered Address Stamp DHL Delivery

Panama LITE
$ 850

Set of incorporation documents  Documents Translation into English  Nominee directors service Stamp DHL Delivery


The best offshore jurisdiction

+ Bank account
Merchant account
+ company account
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offshore proposals.
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Feedback from our customers

Александр Дорошенко

I want to thank IT-OFFSHORE!
As the leader of a large outsourcing firm I managed to optimize the taxation significantly within a few months due to our cooperation with IT-OFFSHORE experts. I wish you prosperity.

Alexander Doroshenko
Alexander Doroshenko
Strategic Business Consulting (SBC) Inc

The crew holds responsibility for its work. The company managers have a detailed view at our requests and quite fast and, what is more important, successfully achieve goals.
We do appreciate our partnership with IT OFFSHORE LTD.

Strategic Business Consulting (SBC) Inc
Strategic Business Consulting (SBC) Inc
NgWholesale Limited

We registered our company in Hong Kong and successfully opened accounts in DBS. 
Thank you for your patience at work and detailed explanation of each aspect. It is all clear and professional. The assistants answer all the questions, offer consultations and help. You guys are just great! I will certainly recommend IT-OFFSHORE.COM to my partners.
Good Luck in Business!

NgWholesale Limited
NgWholesale Limited

What are the advantages of an offshore ?

In recent decades there has been a strong demand for offshores worldwide. This trend may be explained by Economic globalization, the increasing political tension in separate regions, the constant businesses tax burden growth. As a result businessmen around the world are looking for ways to protect their assets and cash as well as legal ways to reduce tax burden. Buying offshores provides these benefits and thus contributes to business competitiveness and to its success. Besides it should be noticed that offshore is an absolutely legal instrument and its activity is regulated by international law.

The main reasons to open an offshore
1. Minimizing taxes - there is no income tax at all or lower rates are applied.
In most tax havens there is no dividend tax as well as inheritance, capital
increase and securities trading taxes.
2. Asset protection is a limited liability principle where the owner’s losses
cannot exceed the registered capital. It allows to reduce financial risks.
3. High privacy protection - in most offshore jurisdictions the information
about true business owner is not available to the third parties. In the
countries where public register of shareholders is required, anonymity is
achieved by nominee service.
4. No currency control
5. Opening an offshore makes it possible to use the world top banks service
including the opportunity to open an account.
6. Increasing level of political and economic stability
7. Government support for offshore companies purchase and offshore business
development by local authorities
8. Minimizing the paper-laden process

If you want to operate on a worldwide basis, to do international trade or expand market outlets, if you receive orders from around the world then you would better think about an offshore right now. A great variety of jurisdictions and business processes schemes allow many world experts to recognize offshore as one of the most productive instruments of tax optimization.

The IT-OFFSHORE company provides service for a new offshore company registration as well as selling readymade offshores. We provide easy and reliable offshoring process. You do not even have to be personally present, the whole procedure can be carried out

The Choice of the Offshore Jurisdiction 

Currently there are more than 50 offshore jurisdictions. However the choice of the country should be made very carefully for it determines the advantages and benefits your company will get in the end. Before a competent offshore purchase you should first define the company’s core objectives.

 If your main goal is privacy policy in your business activity you should primarily consider the classic offshore jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, Belize, Seychelles, Panama and others. It is difficult or even impossible to get an access to the business owner data. If offshoring aims to optimize taxes it is worth paying attention to the agreement for the avoidance of double taxation. Classic offshore companies usually do not sign such agreements. In this case it is better to turn to low-tax zones such as Singapore, Cyprus, Gibraltar and others. They also should be considered if the company's business reputation is principal as these countries are not generally included in the offshore blacklist. By starting an offshore company such factors as political stability, possibility of tax regulations, need of accounting records and reports delivery, extended infrastructure and so on should be taken into account. For a profitable offshore purchase considering all offshore zones peculiarities consult the IT-OFFSHORE professionals. At your ordering an offshore we will skillfully select the best jurisdiction with due regard to your requirements and develop an ideal financial scheme to increase your company’s welfare and reduce the risks.

Offshore Registration and Maintenance Cost 

The cost of both new and readymade offshores primarily depends on the particular country as it is necessary to consider all the legal nuances. To make the offshore purchase easier and more available IT-OFFSHORE company has developed 3 price bids. The minimal i.e. LITE package includes the standard set of documents, Registered Address for a year, stamp and documents delivery. Only here you can open an offshore at a low cost of only $399! If you require apostille service or nominee service we are pleased to offer them in STANDARD and PRO packages.

We also provide services of further management of the registered company. The offshore maintenance cost depending on the jurisdiction requirements may include:
Government fees
Secretary and agent service
Registered Address
Accounting and reports delivery
Nominee service
Annual audit

Readymade offshore purchase: how and why?

Readymade offshore purchase is beneficial when you want a company for immediate purchase. Such offshore company was registered in advance and all the necessary documents are already at our disposal. All that is left to do is to put down the owner’s name in documents.

More benefits of readymade offshore purchase:
You can start cooperating with the company on the purchase day
The company registered a few years ago is trustworthy among its clients and partners compared to a "young" firm.
Company documents correction is easy and fast, e.g. name, Memorandum and Articles of Association, the size of authorised capital, directors etc. can be changed.
There is a wide range of company names
The readymade offshore cost includes a nominee director and a shareholder services.

IT-OFFSHORE allows you to buy a ready-made offshore at a low cost and still be confident that you get a company with good reputation and with no financial activity. When you buy a ready-made offshore we provide the Certificate of Good Standing as a confirmation. If you want a company right here and right now the ideal option for you is a ready-made offshore purchase which is available at IT-OFFSHORE. IT-OFFSHORE offers a wide range of ready-made companies, all you have to do is select the appropriate variant. We offer favorable prices. For more detailed information, please, contact our experts. You can buy and re-issue an offshore at our office in Moscow within 1 hour right on the day you apply.