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Cryptocompany in Thailand

Сrypto-company registration in Thailand

Service: company registration in Bangkok with a local bank account and an account at the crypto exchange.

Term of business registration: 2 weeks.

Banks where the account can be opened: Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank, SCB bank.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand in the center of Asia. It has close ties with Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, India and other Asian countries. Thailand welcomes foreign direct investment, providing a free and open economy for doing business.

Among its advantages:

  • Government incentives for businesses.
  • Low cost of living.
  • Skilled labor force.
  • Strong manufacturing base.
  • Top exports: Machinery, computers, electronic equipment, plastics, mineral fuels, seafood, cereals.
  • Top imports: electrical/electronic equipment, iron, steel, plastic, copper, medical devices, photographic equipment.
  • Excellent logistics and transportation network. The country has several international airports, commercial seaports and the most extensive road network in Southeast Asia.
  • Developed Internet.

The Global Digital Report 2002 showed that the percentage of Thais who own digital assets is 20% of the population, which gives great prospects for the cryptocurrency business. This field in Thailand is incredibly profitable because digital assets can be easily traded through online applications.

Business registration in Thailand: basic requirements

  • To open a company in Thailand, 3 shareholders are required, among which must be a local resident.
  • A Thai must own at least 51% of the company's shares. Requirement can be circumvented with the help of a nominee shareholder.
  • Must have an office address registered in Thailand (landlord approval for business is required). A virtual office is also allowed.
  • To open an account with a local bank, a personal visit from the director is required. If he is unable to fly to Bangkok, a Thai nominee director can be hired.

The price includes:

  • Company registration.
  • Package of corporate documents.
  • The original seal of the company.
  • Business registration in the tax office (Revenue Department).
  • Virtual office for 1 year, which can be used as an official working address, including for mail management, receiving notices.
  • One nominee shareholder (Thai). We will provide all necessary legal tools to protect your rights and control the company.
  • Collection of Corporate TAX ID Card.
  • Government, notary, transportation, shipping, postage fees.
  • Account opening at local bank - Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank, SCB bank (your choice).
  • Letter of recommendation required to open a corporate account with the company.

Additional charges:

  • Application for opening a corporate account on bitkub exchange.
  • Local nominee director services.

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