Registration of
offshore companies



Monaco is a status and prestigious jurisdiction in which many seek to live and work. An attractive tax policy and a high economic and social level make the country attractive to entrepreneurs.

The main advantages

  • Favourable fiscal policy (the first 2 years business is completely tax-free, the overall rate is 33.3%).
  • Guaranteed confidentiality on the part of banks.
  • Prestige and high reputation of the jurisdiction.
  • Absence of taxes on inheritance, property, real estate and profit (if the turnover outside the country does not exceed a quarter of all).
  • Benefits for permanent residents in the Principality.

Company type

SCI - (Société Civile Immobilière) is a legal non-profit company or civil society for the purpose of owning real estate and movable property (portfolio of financial instruments, shares of another company, etc.).

Features of this type of the company

  • The establishment requires at least 2 shareholders (no residency requirements).
  • Companies like SCI are not taxed.
  • No statutory capital requirements.
  • Accounting and reporting required.
  • Registration is only possible with a personal visit to Monaco.


It is important to note that in the first 2 years the company is exempt from taxes.
There is no profit tax if the company's turnover outside the jurisdiction does not exceed 25%.
Property tax: No
Municipal tax: No

List of documents required to start registration of the company:

  • Scan of valid passport of the beneficiary.
  • Scan of beneficiary address confirmation (utility bill).
  • Summary of the beneficiary.

Terms of registration: from 5-7 days from the date of submission of all documents.

€ 10500
Monaсo LITE
  • Incorporation documents preparation
  • Company registration
  • Registered address  for 1 year
  • Support and curation of all questions during your visit to Monaco

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