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Company in Turkey with bearer shares

To protect your assets in a difficult time of global economic crisis, and to remain anonymous, you can buy a company with bearer shares in Turkey. The mystery of the identity of the beneficial owner of such a company is 100% legal.

What are Bearer Shares and what are their advantages?

A security that does not contain personal information about its owner is considered a bearer share. Its owner is a full-fledged shareholder entitled to participate in the operation of the company.

Advantages of bearer shares

  • Confidentiality. The personal data of their owner cannot even be known to the issuer;
  • Security. Since the ownership of the beneficiary is secret, it is extremely difficult to claim a share in the company;
  • "Clean" business reputation. The name of the owner, involved in fraud or scandal, can not affect the attitude of potential consumers, as it is kept secret;
  • A simplified procedure for the transfer of securities from one owner to another, without requiring marks in the registration book and on the share form;
  • A working tool for sharing property or simplifying inheritance procedures.

Practical application of bearer shares

  • Guaranteed maintenance of security of financial and property assets of the owner, in the presence of debts, court decisions and undesirable division of property;
  • Legal "avoidance" of bans on doing business. As an example, the owners of bearer shares can be government officials, founders of companies whose statutes prohibit any other business activity or persons who are not entitled to conduct business independently by the court decision;
  • Protection of business. Securities of this type allow owners to avoid possible raider seizures or problems related to their other projects;
  • Formation of an attractive, for partners and investors; the reputation of the company from scratch.

Step-by-step scheme for the issue of bearer shares

  1. Registration of a joint-stock company in Turkey. Only such company will be suitable for the issue of bearer shares, and this option must be specified in its charter. The amount of the paid-in start-up capital must be at least a quarter of the share fund;
  2. The bearer share issue stage begins with the preparation of the Board of Directors' decision on the issue of shares, registration, and preparation of the financial report. This is followed by direct printing of the certificates of securities and their transfer to the legal owners or their representatives.

The procedure of establishing or purchasing a company in Turkey takes 3 to 7 days; after its completion, the owners need to settle all the nuances related to the share capital within two weeks and proceed with the issuance of bearer shares (10-15 days).

IT-OFFSHORE specialists are ready to take on all the troubles. Our lawyers will prepare the necessary documents and check their legality. We will control the whole process from beginning to end, guaranteeing an individual approach, comprehensive support, and a flexible tariff system for each client.

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