Registration of
offshore companies


LEI is issued according to the self-request of the legal entity. The issuance of identification codes is carried out by a specialized organization - Global Legal Entity Identifier System. The decision on the possibility of providing a unique digital number is made in a period of one to several months. In this regard, it is not recommended to delay the consideration of the issuance.

The code has the following features:

  • identification of a legal entity during operations;
  • the ability to check the status of the partner organization when conducting transactions, the transparency of information;
  • avoidance of errors when conducting transactions in the global market;
  • receival of information about the amount of capital, the founders, the form of the organization and the head of the organization by other participants in commercial relations;
  • formation of requests on the issuers of securities.

To obtain the LEI code, contact IT-OFFSHORE specialists.

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