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Capital: Port Louis.
Official languages: English, French, Mauritian Creole.
Currency: Mauritian rupee.

Карта Mauritius

Company registration provides the following benefits:


  • Shareholders can be people of any nationality.
  • Zero taxation for offshore companies.
  • No authorized capital is required.
  • Entering the African market.
  • The names of the company's shareholders and beneficiaries are not disclosed.

Mauritius is an island on the southeastern coast of Africa, located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar.


The economy of Mauritius is based on the sugar and textile industries, tourism and offshore financial services. Mauritius is also one of the world leaders in registering offshore global business companies.


Mauritius, which is famous for its stable democracy and the absence of an official language, also has a developed banking sector, attractive legislation and a diversified economy.

Features of taxation and reporting

No financial statements are required. Offshore companies are exempt from accounting and auditing.

For offshore Global Business Companies (GBC):

  • There is no corporate income tax.
  • There are no taxes on dividends and interest.
  • VAT is not paid for international transactions.

Company registration

Time frame for company registration: about 10 days.

A distinctive feature of Mauritius is the Global Business Company (GBC), which is most often opened by foreign citizens in the territory of this state. There are two main classes of such companies: resident (GBC I) and non-resident (GBC II), and the main differences between them are as follows:

GBC I - the tax rate paid by organizations of this type, although small, depends on the source of income they receive. What is important is that for organizations of this type, all 40 agreements concluded by the government of the country related to the prevention of the possibility of double taxation are available. In addition, although such companies are resident, information about their owners and directors does not appear in the public register. Meetings of the leadership of such organizations, meanwhile, must necessarily be held in Mauritius, but directors do not necessarily have to be present at them; only deputies are allowed to participate in them.

GBC II are completely non-resident companies that do not have the right to conduct business on the territory of the state, but only outside it. Such organizations, which closely resemble regular IBCs, are completely exempt from tax deductions.

A relatively new form of firms registered in Mauritius by foreign citizens are limited partnerships, in which the management team includes both general and limited partners. The rights of limited partners of such organizations are protected, although they do not have the right to issue documents on behalf of the companies they represent.


Documents for registration:

  • Notarized copies of passports for all participants.
  • Choosing a company name: three options are required.
  • Signing the articles of incorporation at the notary
  • A document confirming the residential address of all participants (utility bills, bank statements indicating the address).

A quick guide to registering a company in Mauritius:

To quickly register a GBC in Mauritius, contact the IT-OFFSHORE specialists. The cost of our services includes:

  • Preparation of documents (collection, filling, notarization, etc.).
  • Company registration.
  • Payment of all government fees.
  • Registration agent services for 1 year with the possibility of extension.
  • Translation services.
  • elivery of registration documents to any address.

The bottom line

Mauritius offers favorable tax conditions for offshore companies, however, when choosing a jurisdiction for a company, one must take into account not only current legislation, but also its possible changes in the future. We recommend consulting with IT-OFFSHORE lawyers to avoid possible legal consequences and ensure compliance with laws.


Our company offers comprehensive support for the company at all stages - from registration to full support of its activities. We not only help you legally register a company, but also take on many subsequent tasks.

In particular, our scope of services includes maintaining accounting and tax records, providing nominee directors and shareholders, leasing a legal address, obtaining all necessary licenses and permits for the company. We actually ensure the full operation of the business in accordance with the laws of a particular jurisdiction.

Add the right parameters for your company:


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