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Gaming License in Curacao

Gambling is one of the widespread types of e-commerce. Registration of an offshore company for a gambling license in Curacao is the best way to reduce tax payments and a good start for the international business project.

Offshore gambling licenses have been issued in Curacao since 1996. CIGA (Curacao Internet Gaming Association) has regulated this section since 2001. The function of this organization is to protect client's interests and to monitor business legitimacy. Our experts render assistance in registrating private limited company (NABV) for e-Zone status with gaming license and opening a bank account.

The license is issued for the following activities:

There is no gambling business classification in Curacao, which helps to avoid the necessity of licensing of each game type separately. The IP-license covers all types of online games: rate games, good luck games, skill games but the license holder can not transfer it to another person.

Our service package includes the following:

  • Government fee for company registration in Curacao;
  • Registered address in Vanuatu;
  • Government licensing fee;
  • Registered agent service;
  • Delivery of documents to the requested address.

Stages of obtaining a license:

  • Private limited liability company registration (NABV);
  • Filing documents in the Department of Justice for a license;
  • Payment of government fees for company registration, applying for e-Zone status and obtaining a gaming license;
  • In the event of approval of registration, one can successfully obtain a license.

The sum includes:

  • Expenses for company registration;
  • Setting up and filing documents to obtain e-Zone status;
  • Government fee for filing an application for gambling license;
  • Support for the entire license registration procedure;
  • Nominal service.

Timeframe for obtaining a license:
The timeframe for registration of a company for a gambling license is about 1-1.5 months.

Personnel requirements:

Board of Directors should consist of minimum one director, a legal person or entity. At least one director should be a resident of the country, a locally registered agent managing the company's activity in Curacao. Minimum one shareholder is required for company registration. Shareholder registration is the director’s duty. Secretary is not necessary.

Office Requirements:

Local registered office is required for company establishment in Curacao.

Registered Capital Requirements:

There are no minimum paid-up capital requirements.

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