A ready-made company with an open account in Hungary


Service: Ready-made companies in Hungary with nominee service and bank account. It is possible to acquire a company with and without VAT.

Deadlines: within 24 hours from the moment of payment, we transfer documents to the company and access to the account. We also provide assistance in registering a new company in Hungary.


Карта Hungary

Hungary is a Central European state. The population of the country is relatively small, but the density indicator is quite high. In recent years, progress in the development of the country's economy has been noticed, legislation has improved, effective reforms have affected, among other things, the activities of investors.

In this regard, the number of entrepreneurs wishing to create a business in the country has increased. Jurisdiction encourages foreign investment, creates attractive investment opportunities.

Types of legal forms

The most common forms of limited liability companies. These include:

Closed company. Share capital must be at least 3 million forints;

Partnership. The size of the minimum capital is not set. The status and residency of partners does not matter;

Public company. The size of the share capital must be at least 20 million forints. Residency and shareholder status are irrelevant.

In addition, unlimited liability partnerships are often created. Features of the form of the organization that the minimum capital is not set, also does not matter the status of partners, equality of partners is declared. Their debt liability is the same and has no limitations.

Company Registration in Hungary Online

  • Company registration in Hungary includes several stages. Regardless of which form of organization was chosen, the founders of the company must submit three names for the company, which are subsequently verified. In addition, data on business owners, information on the type of activity, legal address, etc. are required.
  • It will be necessary to pay a fee for the registration, to confirm the availability of capital, which is necessary for opening a company For the full work of the organization opens a bank account.


About taxation

  • Before registering a company, it is required to take into account that all forms must submit an annual report that has been audited. If the income does not exceed the amount of 500 million forints, the fee is paid at the rate of 10%, otherwise - 19%.
  • The amount of value added tax may vary depending on the direction in which the company works, what products it produces.

Advantages and disadvantages of registering a company in Hungary

Business development in Hungary has many advantages.

The main ones are:

  • The country is distinguished by economic and political stability;
  • This jurisdiction is respectable;
  • Taxation is thought out;
  • The country has entered into a double tax avoidance treaty with many countries.

There are practically no drawbacks to the registration procedure. The only caveat - it may be necessary to prepare a large number of documents, it is required to provide data on the direction of the company.


Open an account

In Hungary, non-residents - individuals and legal entities can open bank accounts. When opening an account for a company, a large number of documents may be required - it is necessary to provide copies of the statute with a translation into Hungarian, registration data, information about persons who can manage the account. Some financial institutions may request additional information.

Add the right parameters for your company:

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