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Benefits of partnership registration in England

England is not a classical offshore but the legislative establishment takes good care to make the country a safe haven for business development. The country residents and nonresidents are offered several types of legal organizational forms e.i. LLC (Limited Liability Company) and LLP (Limited Liability Partnership). LLC requires 20% income tax and that is not much but our choice is LLP.

Taxation and Reports

LLP is not a taxpayer if the partnership activity is carried out outside the UK.

In accordance with the legislation the partnership’s earned revenue can be presented as its founder’ income. In this case the LLP is free of taxation. If tax-free offshore companies are the LLP partners it is possible to completely avoid taxation in the UK . LLP founders are usually classic offshore companies registered for example in Belize.

The partnership delivers annual report specifying the address, the partners and its financial transactions as well as tax report stating the absence of its business activity in Great Britain.

Nominee shareholders and Directors

Are allowed


By using nominee service Company Registration in the UK is not a simple procedure so it is worth to reach out to professionals. We offer comfortable and simple registration conditions and undertake the most complicated section.

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● Operating a virtual office in the UK - price upon request
● Safekeeping of incorporation documents in a separate client cell in our Head Office
in Frankfurt am Main, Germany - US $ 50 / year