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A growing number of entrepreneurs are becoming interested in issuing their own cards. And not in vain, because this way, your brand will be recognizable to everyone, you will strengthen the trust of regular customers and get new ones.

What are branded cards, how to start the process and maximize the benefits?

Branded cards are issued by a financial institution or company licensed by VISA or MasterCard. Logos of your company, as well as Visa/MasterCard are placed on the issued cards.

Own branded cards positively affect the recognition of your brand, and the company receives a special status in the eyes of customers and partners.

What do you get?

The first issue of their own cards is aimed at increasing the customer base. Many financial institutions and banks provide a joint card issuance service, which is explained by mutually beneficial brand, service and customer growth.

The company logo, which is located on the map, constantly reminds of the brand, which contributes to increased loyalty to the company. Thanks to your own payment cards, you can use the loyalty program, a system of accumulating points for greater promotion of the services of the company.

How to order a service?

IT-OFFSHORE assists in the process of issuing branded cards. We work with international financial institutions that provide card issuing services. We offer you only the most favorable conditions. If you want to receive more detailed information, please contact our specialists.

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