International asset protection and management license


According to the Belize legislation, different activities, including financial services, may be performed by companies registered in Belize only if the company has a special license.

 Belize licenses for your business

The International Financial Services (Licensing) Commission of Belize has specified a list of activities which require a special license

  • Trading in Foreign Exchange, FX
  • Asset management
  • Trading in financial commodity-based derivative instruments and other securities (futures, options, interest rates, shares, stock, contracts for differences etc.)
  • Money transmission services
  • Payment processing services
  • Money brokering
  • Money lending and pawning
  • Currency exchange
  • Brokerage, consulting and advisory services in any financial services
  • Accounting services
  • Depositary services
 Belize licenses for your business

The procedure and terms for obtaining licenses in Belize are identical for most of them. Below you can find a list of all types of licenses, the total cost, annual government duties as well as the size of authorized capital for each license.

The procedure for obtaining licenses in Belize

  • 01

    Registration of an offshore company in Belize which activity is supposed to be licensed.

  • 02

    Our specialists will prepare a list of questions that should be answered to fill in the required forms.

  • 03

    Our specialists will prepare a list of documents that must be attached to the application. The total list of documents is given below.

  • 04

    Opening a bank account.

  • 05

    Material transfer of the full authorized capital, i.e. US $ 25,000 - 500,000, to a bank account. The capital is deposited to the account for the duration of the license. Legal requirements concerning the size of the authorized capital depends on the type of license are given below.

  • 06

    Payment of the government fee for processing a licensing application- US $ 500.

  • 07

    Documents evidencing payments are submitted to IFSC. The timeframe for obtaining a license takes 5-8 weeks.

The list of documents to be submitted by each company’s founder

  • A notarized color copy of the passport
  • Proof of Address with a notarized English translation
  • Bank Reference
  • Professional Reference (lawyer's office, audit company, accounting company)
  • Detailed business plan
  • CV evidencing the necessary experience / education or professional skills required for the activity. (e.g. Forex, accounting, trade, etc.)

The cost includes

  • Company registration
  • Opening a bank account
  • Belize resident Director Service
  • Registered Address
  • Virtual office

Additional payments

  • Government fee for the license for a year from the date of its receipt - US $ 2500 - 5000
  • Working-out and writing Business plan in English (optional) - US $ 3500.
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Buying an offshore
in Belize

Belize offshores offered by our company are noted for their clear and distinct benefits.

The main advantage is guaranteed tax avoidance. The purchase of a fixed annual fee payment will be sufficient. Currently, there are more than twenty five international agreements signed by Belize authorities. Twelve of them are distinguished by the avoidance of double taxation. The remaining are dedicated to the exchange of tax and fee data.

 Belize licenses for your business

The main advantages of purchasing a Belize offshore is that Belize is a state with tropical climate

  • the fastest IBC formation in the world
  • the lowest prices for company registration
  • low cost of offshore maintenance
  • information security
  • complete confidentiality
  • using nominee service

Offshore Registration System

All the procedures, concerning Belize offshore incorporation, can be carried out without your personal presence. You should just give answers to the questions mentioned in the Form of Act to the agents, dealing with registration.

Belize International Business Company should comply with a few easy conditions

A Belize IBC may not own real estate.

A Belize IBC may not provide the registered office for other companies.

A Belize IBC may not provide services for Belize residents.

When you register an offshore in Belize, you will have to pay for a small amount of services and cover mandatory fees

  • 01

    Services of registration agent

  • 02

    Fee for providing a legal address

  • 03

    Fees charged by the government of Belize for the first year of using an offshore

  • 04

    Services for the full legalization of the main documentation package in accordance with the international standardized form of validation

  • 05

    Seal issue for a newly registered organization

A number of additional costs, if desired, may include the purchase of a number of international certificates.

Share capital $ 75 000
Annual government fee $ 5 000

Money transmission services

Share capital $ 75 000
Annual government fee $ 5 000

Payment processing services

Share capital
Annual government fee

Belize Licenses

Share capital $ 500 000
Annual government fee $ 25 000

Trading in foreign exchange

Share capital $ 75 000
Annual government fee $ 5 000

Money brokering

Share capital $ 500 000
Annual government fee $ 25 000

Trading in financial

Share capital $ 75 000
Annual government fee $ 5 000

Money lending and pawning

Share capital $ 75 000
Annual government fee $ 5 000

Money exchange

Share capital $ 50 000
Annual government fee $ 5 000

Safe custody services

Share capital $ 25 000
Annual government fee $ 2 500

Accounting services

Share capital $ 50 000
Annual government fee $ 5 000

Brokerage, consultancy or advisory services in any of the above services


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